A Short Story About A Dog And A Cat Creative Writing Examples

Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:31
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Story 1) As the cat rode in the car, she was full of questions- where was she going? What was this new home going to be like? Would she get the same food? Would she make friends? She meowed and meowed asking these questions, but no one seemed to answer. Finally, the car came to a stop. This was the moment all those questions would be answered. As the door opened and her crate was lifted, the cat shivered with fear. What was waiting on the other side of that door?
Immediately, her crate door was bombarded by a large, furry dog. She has seen dogs in the kennels before, but something about this one rubbed her the wrong way. Instinct set in. Her back arched and a large hiss came out. With that noise, she felt an immediate “THACK” on the top of her crate. Message received, aggression against the dog would not be tolerated in this household. As the cat got out of the cage, she ran behind the couch and hid. Only at night did she come out to eat and go to the bathroom. After days of hiding, she slinked out and slept near the head of her new owner. She had to show some thanks for being saved. The dog immediately growled and the cat was thrown from the bed by her new owners. With that, she knew how it must be. She did not want to go back to the kennel and be imprisoned four cats to a crate again. Cautiously, she accepted her fate as an accent in this dog’s house.
Story 2) When the cat came in through the door, the dog immediately knew this meant trouble. A new member of the family was a distraction to his owners, and one this dog would not tolerate. A plan was hatched as this moment to eliminate this cat. That afternoon, the dog cautiously sauntered up to cat while she was bathing in the sun. He nudged the cat repeatedly in the stomach with his big, wet nose until the cat clawed his face in frustration. With a large yelp, he attracted the owners to the situation at hand.
The dog put on his best hurt eyes, the ones that always got the owners to give him treats, and hid behind his master’s muscular legs. Success. The cat was immediately smacked on the bottom and ran away. Clearly, this wasn’t enough. The next week the dog found the cat in her litter box and blocked her exits. This would be it. The dog stepped closer and closer. He could see the fear in the cat’s eyes. Predictably, she lashed out. That was all it took. The owner rounded up the cat and took her out the door. As the dog curled up at his master’s feet that night, she dreamed of the look on the cat’s face as it left the house. This dog had finally had his day.
Story 3) She knew the kennels were crowded, but this home would not do. As the cat surveyed the rooms, she could smell that dog everywhere. That dog. That dog that followed her everywhere. That dog that ate her food. That dog that didn’t seem to understand that she was a cat. Cats do not like to play with chew toys or roll in the dirt or bend over backwards to please their masters. Every night she’d heard the howl from the neighborhood stray pack. They seemed so happy to be free and together. Unlike her with this dog. On warm summer nights when the owners left their windows open, members of the pack would sometimes stop by and tell her the wildest stories about their adventures. Apparently, the neighbors with the pink fence had chickens in their yard! The lead tomcat told her how they would cluck and cluck as the strays tormented them. What mischief!
Yet once again these memories were tainted by that dog. As she would sit at the window and hear of the world outside, that dog nosed his way into the conversation and scared the pack away. She had to plan her escape. She knew the owners had tried: the toys, the treats, the new bed. It would have been a perfect home if it weren’t for that nosey, hairy, pesky dog. For dinner that night she filled her stomach with as much food as she could handle. She grabbed her favorite mouse toy in her teeth and snuck out the dog door. As she looked back, she felt bad things couldn’t have been different. The owners really did try. On the outside, she met the stray pack under the street light. This was a risk. What if the pack abandoned her? What if she couldn’t defend herself? She knew if caught she could go back to the kennel, but she couldn’t stand to end up with that dog.

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