Accounting Information System Case Studies Example

Published: 2021-06-18 05:49:28
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Businesses always take effective strategies in order to ascertain the growth of the company. Businesses are made to increase the financial belongings in particular and mitigate the inline expenses. Accounting and finance are two different things and provisions from the standpoint of an organization and the aspect of both of these things are important and significant from the standpoint of an entity .
Effectively managing and controlling the things are some of the important provisions from the standpoint of an entity. Therefore, operational department is one of the most integral and important departments from the viewpoint of the organization, as it bring effectiveness for a company in particular. Every department of the company strives hard for the economic based prosperity and expansion, and it is always required to analyze the things from different standpoints. Among numerous departments, the name of Supply, Logistic and Management departments are some of them, which deem as some of the major departments for a company for its short and long term financial growth .
Continuous development and expansion are some of the major aspects from the viewpoint of the organization in particular, and repair and maintenance (R&M) is one of them. The central purpose of the paper is to scrutinize the effectiveness of Repair & Maintenance department with effectiveness. There is a case of the selected company has been identified with the name of Dinteman Company. The Dinteman is committed to manufacture industrial based machinery and equipment with numerous production domains. The company is being executed their operations of product department through fully automated and heavy equipment. There are two different questions which have to be completed in this particular analysis on the basis of the selected company Dinteman.
Analytical Framework
Identification of Data Items
Data is extremely important from the viewpoint of the company to conduct effective and timely research. It is one of those things that have a certain long term benefits associated with the company. Data is important for companies as well as for researchers as well, because every big research has been based upon proper researching .
Repair and Maintenance (R&M) department is considered as the most effective and important departments from the viewpoint of a manufacturing organization, and the company that has been highlighted in the case study is also an industrial manufacturing company with the name of Dinteman. The R&M department of the company has been made with the help of the number of people and by applying high amount of funds at the right place in particular. In manufacturing companies, there are three different things which have been used like direct labor, Direct Material and Factory Overhead.
Likewise, other companies, all of these elements are also important for Dinteman, as well. The Repair and Maintenance (R&M) department of the selected company is perfect as mentioned in the case, however, it misses a perfect and organized accounting information system (AIS). The data that is required to effectively manage the operations of Research and maintenance (R&M) department of Dinteman is the required amount of material applied on a certain product, how much labors applied and what sort of costs have been incurred accordingly.
Apart from that, the data that should have been required by Dinteman is the application and information regarding the customized solutions from the consumers. The company has to make the products according to the requirement of the consumers because it is the only way from which they can enhance their own productivity. All of these information and data are significant for Dinteman to take effective decision at the right time. All of these things could be arranged effectively with the help of proper and well organized accounting information system (AIS), as it is a system that is used to take effective decisions for the company.
There are three different actions have been doing in a single R&M department of Dinetan; therefore, it is necessary to have three different sets for single sub-sectors. From this particular thing, the company may increase the financial belongings of the company in particular.
Flow Chart
A flow chart is an effective tool to analyze the steps used either in a manufacturing company or any other department in order to analyze the effectiveness of the operation accordingly. Repair & maintenance (R&M) is yet another important department which required effective and well organized flow charts before taking any decision. Mentioned below is the flow chart of the R&M operation
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