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Published: 2021-06-18 05:12:23
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Recent researches indicate that there has been a great stride in women advocacy and right. However, despite this, violence against women as well as girls continues to rise (CEDAW, 2015). The paper analyses the vaccine deemed to reduce the increased violence and attacks on women and girls in education and involve women in peacekeeping and conflict resolution. This can be illustrated by the many cases of violence and attacks against both women and girls especially those in the education system as shown below.
There have been several attacks on girls or women trying to access education such as the killing of over 10 children in Pakistan in an army school by the Taliban’s last year, the kidnappings of over 300 girls in Nigeria by armed fighters among others. This continued increase of such attacks seems to be motivated by wrongful gender stereotypes as we as other underlying gender-biased social discrimination perpetuated with an aim of prevent girls from accessing education at the same level as the boys.
In addition, violence against both women and girls accessing education continues to be perpetuated due to exclusion and other forms of marginalization of the female gender in the political, legal, economic as well as the social-cultural power structures over all the society organization (Dr. Kirsten, 2015). These include the family, local community organizations, national as well as international political organizations.
The most Appropriate deterrent factor for violence against both women and girls if empowering them especially through education (UNPP, 2013). In the general sense, education once fully realized has been recognized by the international law as well as policy to have a multiplier right through which it can enable women and girls to access greater range of human rights (WGWPS, 2015). Thus, a focus on the improvement of the women education has the potential to reduce or eliminate violence against both women and girls. First, it would promote equality between men and women. In addition, it will help in improving their health, economic, cultural, political, as well as their social development outcomes.
In order to use education as a deterrence for violence against women it is important to keep supporting girl child education especially in conflict areas particularly after puberty by providing them with better sanitary towels, school toilets, improvement of their school security such as wall in order to keep of attacks on them, promote their safe access to education as well as promote the participation of a more female teachers.
Women should also be more involved in peacekeeping initiatives. For example, women need to be more involved in meaningful participation in peace-building efforts. This can create a better method of addressing of the conflict drivers (UNNC, 2014). Thus, their participation needs to be including all the way from planning, implementation, and monitoring. Women should also be prevailed upon as well as encouraged to take a lead role in civil societies.
Another critical measure against violence towards women in education is full involvement of women in national and regional governing structures, legal systems as well as policies. This would create the way for the involvement in women participation in national or regional diplomatic, law, defense justice as well as law enforcement sectors. It will also institutionalize the participation of women in the decision-making process in all sections of the community such as health, politics, employment as well as education.
In addition, to effectively address the issue of violence against women in education, it is important that the political class have to increase financial support, as well as political good will for women agenda (Cathleen, 2015). This would include greater political support for women inclusion on the finding as well as the decision-making process that involve fund allocation for different women development activities. This would lead to enhanced as well as sustained funding for women empowerment activities. The women’s input concerning conflict resolution needs to be given more focus. This has the potential to lead to a sustainable peace that can ensure the protection of all vulnerable members of the society especially the vulnerable in the society.
Lastly in order to adequately address the problem of violence against women and girls, it is important that policymakers should support women inclusion in leadership support as well as art caption in different efforts for reducing as well as preventing both terrorism and extremism (CAP, 2014).
Conclusion and Summary
While significant progress has been made in many communities towards addressing the issue of violence against women and girls accessing education, there still exists a lot of social, systematic discrimination against girls and women accessing education in many communities. This leads to lack of meaningful participation of women in political, economic social cultural aspects of the community. It also limits their participation in the development process of both local and the national communities.
There is thus a need to develop different or specific strategies and programs designed to increase specifically girl and women access to education. This can be done by increasing knowledge availability, accessibility, as well as the quality of education for them. In addition, safety measures need to be considered in order to ensure that women and girls can free access education without fear of attacks.
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