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Published: 2021-06-18 05:09:46
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At the age of four, I had not learnt to associate with many of my peers; solitary life overwhelmed me, but not to despair point. Car dolls made ease of my environments and still squandered my childish time, but still, unwelcomed animates of diverse species categories, particularly the arthropods from classes of insects, mollascus and a few mammalian pets, amphibians and reptiles made part of my environment. I definitely developed a unique character by getting interested with them, initially watching butterflies hovering in the air as they did their mediocre plays; in fierce struggles, I touched, rolled them, and even molested some to deprive off their lives for a returns of bits or stings which hardly scared me. Though I received folds of warning from mum, a natural cohesion perhaps existed that predicated what I will become in the future.

I always performed excellently in arts and social based subjects in my elementary studies, leading and receiving several rewards in competitions and exams. I thus made Philosophical and literature materials to occupy greater portion of memory site, and such actions would almost divert my undisclosed talent. Despite the excellent results in arts, introduction to biological agents, both carcasses and live ones in laboratory in the pursuit of secondary studies, triggered abrupt change to the field of dissection, a thrust that restored permanently my favorite subjects based in biological sciences.

I now perceive the University of Illinois is the only best place, where my instinctively planted and initiated potentials can be fully explored, bringing the course commenced on grounds with numerous animate hazards to climax, and subsequently make it to be proud in the future as renowned internationally recognized learning institution producing quality cardio-physical therapists.

Club participations

Joining elementary level school presented great environmental and cultural changes, with now having most of it comprising of peers whom were highly interested in different games and sports rather than staging with dolls and pets. Despite the limited knowledge of the plays that were available, I blindly chose volleyball and intuitively put all the efforts in practicing it. Out of the curiosity, the home back yard was transformed to stadium for my volleyball kids’ club and funs. Like in any other team activity, difficulties were not limited, fear and challenge of catching up were eminent, which I took as stepping stones to rising up to higher level, where I could be participating in larger groups.

After admission for secondary studies, I was selected among leaders of the freshman volleyball team, where I learnt giving first aids to fellow teammates to relieve/alleviate their sufferings. As part of the team, I kept keen watch and throughout practiced helping others especially those struggling with minor physical wound problems, arrested muscles and breath shortages, until when I personally became victim of muscle pull and push combined with other complexes, thus compelling me to actively indulge in other clubs including Multicultural Club, Muslim Community Service and Students against Destructive Driving.

In one way I was remorseful for the change as it practically supplemented the theoretical work covered in class, but I consoled myself with the facts based on the help it gave in setting a firm foundation on principles significantly needed in the extension of health care services to the society. I now know that self-initiative, confidence and persistence are important drivers to a great influence and success of an individual, and my engagement in the volleyball team was key factor that contributed to learning of many virtues and values applicable in surgery field.

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