Argumentative Essay On Antigone By Sophocles

Published: 2021-06-18 05:10:52
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In the book, Creon as Antigone’s uncle is a powerfully built strong man. He is, however, a weary and wrinkled old man suffering from the burdens of the rule. He portrays several character traits as portrayed in the book. He is seen as a person bound only to ideas making a good sense. This is portrayed as he only agrees with the things and other character’s ideas that make good sense. This is seen as he practically distances himself from the termed tragic aspirations of Oedipus and his entire line. He is dedicated to upholding only the righteous and important matters that make good sense to the public.
Other character traits of Creon include simplicity. He is bound to ideas that make good sense and lives as per the simple principles of life. He believes that life is but the happiness one makes of it. He is also seen as a forgiving person as he has no desire of sentencing Antigone to death. He is also portrayed as a deeply caring man who cares even for the people that have wronged the society. This is clearly seen as he shows no intentions of sentencing Antigone to death and rather plays the whole situation cool.
Teiresias is a blind prophet of Thabes. In most of Greek mythology, he is gifted with the gift of making prophesies. He plays a major role in the development of the plot through his conversations with Creon. Teiresias brings out the other character of Creon as cruel and his disregard towards religion and religious prophets. The prophet is very important in the development of the plot. The author uses him to a great advantage in establishing this. According to the author and the book, his prophecy is gifted by the gods. However, another god modified it by forecasting that nobody will believe his prophecy.

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