Argumentative Essay On Death Penalty

Published: 2021-06-18 05:11:24
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Death penalty is a big debatable issue, some states of United States do not have Death penalty, and most of the people are of view that it is a merciless act to take anyone’s life. Speakers against the death penalty say that chances of an innocent person getting jail has higher chances than the actual criminal and life without parole is a better punishment. However, all that is one side of the argument.
When you kill a person, you are not just killing him but destroying his whole family. If you get away with killing, then you can get away with anything. Many killers feel appreciated and plan their next executions inside jails. It takes more than just anger to kill a person, and most of the killers are psychopaths, disease to society; returning them to society means you are giving them an opportunity to kill other people too.
If you believe that Courts cannot provide justice, and most of the accused people are innocent then you are degrading your courts, you do actually not believe in your justice system. One should know that with tools like DNA testing; chances of capturing/accusing innocents are lesser than ever were. Also when we talk about societies which have death penalty law, their murder rate is lesser than societies without death penalty because once you know that you will be punished same for your crimes, then you won’t be doing it for sure.
If you eliminate the death penalty, you will be doing injustice to victim’s family, his children, and you will be giving criminal’s a message that your society is sleeping and can’t help those in need.

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