Book Review On A Message To Garcia By Elbert Hubbard

Published: 2021-06-18 05:27:18
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A message to Garcia is a relatively long narration whose historical context is a time when there was tension between Spain and the United States of America. During the military uprising, it was necessary to make contact with Garcia for the purpose of passing information to him. Garcia was one of the rebel commanders that the concerned parties wanted to approach as a means of initiating cease-fire. The whole story therefore surrounds the mystery of the combat and the troubles that the rebels faced.
Hubbard had a mission that compelled him to write this book. His mission was to pass a powerful message about the troubles of life to his audience. The information in the book clearly portrays his intention of passing a powerful message regarding the teachings of life. Human beings are naturally different and thus their integrity varies from one individual to the other. The author encourages the audience to be full of integrity, clinch to their words, and efficiently perform the dedicated duties. They should carry the duties quickly and with utmost integrity that deserves the applause of humanity. He tends to address all types of audience irrespective of their age, race, or gender.
The part of the book that was effective in accomplishing the author’s mission is where the messenger, Rowan is given the letter to deliver to Garcia (Hubbard 8). It is interesting to know that Rowan is assumed to be the most determinant personality in the story. The sender is sure about his integrity and determination and thus rests assured that he will deliver the message. The part of the book that was the least effective is where the author passively describes the events prior to the natural calamity that wipes out most of the less resistant combatants. This part negates the intention of the author’s message of explaining the importance of fully implementing the task ahead.
Basing on the moral of the story, the part of the book that is most relevant is the challenge that the combatants face when they encounter the natural calamity. The disease outbreak is to wipe out the whole group of combatants. However, there are some survivors who are later told to proceed with the task of delivering the letter. This part of the story is very relevant because it displays the determination and the resilience that lies in the heart of the person who is supposed to deliver the message. This part clearly portrays the main mission of the author that entails integrity and personal respect.
With respect to the author’s conclusions, I agree with his statement that people should emulate the culture of performing tasks as ordered by their bosses. It is important to be loyal and disciplined for the sake of unconditionally performing specific tasks. I agree with the statement because combatants are usually loyal to their combatants. However, they represent the general exhibition.
With respect to the author’s conclusions, I reject the assertion that the good people should always perform the duties assigned by their bosses. Personal characteristics are the greatest determinants of an individual’s ability to perform certain loyal duties. The analogy of delivering the missive to Garcia without asking questions or throwing it away is unique to some individuals, but not everyone.
This book made a favorable impression on me and it will change the way I approach the life-teaching events. For instance, it would be difficult to deliver the letter to Garcia, given the harsh conditions. I sometimes fail to adhere to the correct protocols that involve dealing with the most prerequisite assignments that one needs to perform in life. However, the book is a great inspiration that has inspired me to tackle any nature of task in my life.
Work Cited
Hubbard, Elbert. A Message to Garcia. Raleigh, N.C.: Alex Catalogue, 1899. Print.

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