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Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:52
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Contoso, Ltd
The company network users have reported that the local private network on their computers, are unable to use the host names to link to the internet destinations, like In spite of using the host names to connect to it. The administrator can choose one of the following actions from the list given below to connect to the host names and enable user’s network:
- The administrator can take action on NS2 and NS3 by disabling recursion
- The administrator can take action on NS1 by enabling net-mask order
- The administrator can use NS1 as a forwarder by configuring NS2 and NS3
- Or administrator can use NS1 and disable the round robin on it
The best action for the administrator will be the third one. It is because NS1 is a forwarder that will allow the configuration of NS2 and NS3. This will result in name resolution that will run successfully for the internal clients.
The company’s available IP addresses are limited in number for the client. But, the company wants availability to lease maximize by configuring the DHCP. The administrator can take action by configuring an option to DHCP. This option will allow an automatic function of releasing the IP address, when the computers are closed.
The system administrator of Contoso, Ltd has the fact that company is rapidly growing in the past many years, but presently using only one DNS zone. The request has been made numerous times by the marketing department to make changes in the DNS. However, the requests are delayed. Now, the users want to have the ability to update DNS on their own. The action of the system administrator counts a lot, as to what immediate action he will take to resolve this issue.
The system administrator can give the marketing domain to the marketing department. Then, the DNS Server in the marketing department will reside on their computer that will allow the marketing personnel to make necessary changes. Such, changes can easily administer the zone.
The system administrator at Contoso, Ltd. has given the duty to recommend the best way to configure new centralized servers. Therefore, the administrator has been asked to recommend the best way to configure for it. The suggested option by the administrator is Active Directory-integrated zones. The recommendation is made because of the following reasons:
- A replication scope can be configured through it.
- Also, Active directory is simulated by DNS data and updates can be made in order to configure secure dynamics.
The best strategy for administrator to implement on the basis of security to prevent casual use of the network are as follows:
- Using Microsoft for latest updates of security patches, recommended updates and driver updates.
- Also, adding the SUS server that will not allow continuous updates and installation and will minimize the casual use of network activity.
The complaint made by the management is of the slow network. During the procedure of performing full data backups slow connectivity is detected. The administrator suspect that heavy DHCP traffic is a big cause behind such connectivity issue. Therefore, to alert the management about the DHCP will follow:
- If the heavy load is present and getting heavier than normal, a performance baseline will be created.
- Afterwards, the comparison will be based on present conditions.
- Once the performance baseline is created, you can easily determine the threshold for notification. For example, traffic increase by 50% to 100%.
- The administrator will set an alert with the help of this threshold to notify the users.

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