Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study

Published: 2021-06-18 05:50:32
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- What is the nature of the ethical dilemma facing David?
Considering that ethical dilemma involves a situation where one is supposed to make a decision wherein obeying one particular decision will technically causes a transgression of another decision (Treviño & Nelson, 2011, p. 39). David is posed with two possible decisions in his situation, adopting one will essentially lead to a transgression of the other. If David decides to confront the workers or otherwise Jean Thoreau of their lazy behaviour during work time, he will be risking his relationship and acquaintance with Jean Thoreau and the rest of the workers, on the other hand, choosing to keep quiet about the same will essentially cause the project to tumble, hence affecting their company in a negative way.
- What are the choices facing him?
David is faced with situation in which adopting any of the two possible decisions will not solve the problem in a morally acceptable fashion. Considering that David has good relationship with the Jean Thoreau the Project Manager, confronting him of being positive to workers who drink while at work will essentially lead to a conflict between the two, the other possible way in which David can face the problem is to inform the RS Chemicals Ltd management that everything is not well and withdraw is earlier statement that the project was all well.
- Which is your preferred option for him to follow, and why?
The most preferred option for David from my perception is to (inform the RS Chemicals Ltd management that everything is not well and withdraw is earlier statement that the project was all well). In this way, he will rescue the company and also his job since the top management of RS Chemicals Ltd will seek a solution of the same.
Treviño, L. K., & Nelson, K. A. (2011). Managing business ethics: straight talk about how to
do it right. New York, John Wiley.

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