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Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:23
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An ironically chilly summer evening
Paranoia and uncertainty cover the land as the surrender by the Germans and victory by the allies appear imminent and at this point more than certain
The war has raged on for five years and both sides of the battle field are reeling from the effect of the war with casualties tending to their millions both in terms of civilian lives as well as military personnel. The damage on the infrastructure is unmentionable at this time with entire cities being leveled to the ground such as the French capital of Paris which was one the crown jewel of France now being reduced to nothing more than a pile of rubble and a cruel reminder that there are never any true winners in a war just survivors. War is a matter of who can hold out the longest and glory associated with the venture is overrated and this point seems more fictional than it is tangible reality.
I told you it was just a matter of time before we had this entire war won. The Germans are in absolutely no position to retaliate or fight back. They can’t even defend their own capital for pity’s sake. This one is in the bag boys.
Exactly. The lesson to be learnt from all this is your friends really matter a lot. Having the right blend as far as friends are concerned could help swing any aspect of human existence in your favor. Sad the old German lads had to learn this the hard way.
I couldn’t agree with you more old friend. The balance of power has shifted back to the right hands. No longer will we have paranoid tyrants running rampant in the streets stockpiling weapons for who knows what. Great to finally have this gruesome chapter well behind us. Now its back to politics and convincing the electorate to vote us back in office despite our instrumental role in the war and the countless number of dead people lying in the streets.
Worry not my friend. Politics just like war is a game of sound tactic. My team is as we speak working on a sound strategy to turn this entire war in my favor as far as political leverage is concerned.
What do you mean you insane man?
I mean that every negative can be turned into a positive as long as the right tactical strategies are employed at the right time. Timing is everything my friend irrespective of the cards that you have been dealt.
Spoken like a true political hero. The tides of this war can easily be turned in our favor.
The people are as we speak in a state of devastation and to say the least they are hanging on by a thread.
They desperately need a hero, that knight in shining armor to swoop in and make things ok once again.
This knight in shining armor is the true winner of the war irrespective of the role played in the war.
I like what you are saying.
Strategy is everything old friends.
We must however widen our scope. Why have a piece of the cake when you can have the entire bakery? Why stop with this minute chunks of power while we can have the entire world?

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