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Published: 2021-06-18 05:12:02
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The topic about humanity has always been a complex subject. This has caused many people from all walks of life to try and understand what it truly means. Many believe that humanity is inherently evil while others believe that it is good. The human psyche involves the body and the nature. This is what drives the humans to do certain acts. There are many evidence that show how humanity is evil such as rape, murder, torture, terrorism, bullying and stealing. The main force that has driven humanity to evil doings is because people think of themselves and their needs thus lead them to do many evil acts (Gaskin). There are two well-known philosophers one of a Chinese descent called Xun Zi and Thomas Hobbes who is from an English descent. These two philosophers tried to show how humanity is inherently evil.
Xun Zi philosophy about humanity being inherently evil
Xun Zi believed that it is in the nature of humans to be drown or prone to evil. The evils are love of money or profit, hate or jealousy, which would lead one to do criminal activities, or lead to disorder conducts. He thought that the goodness of humans is measured by the results of the activities they do. He believes that since humans are naturally driven to cause conflict or disorder then it is up to the humans to reform those tendencies that lead to evil (Knoblock). This is what will cause humans to be good members of the society. He disagrees with the notion that people are naturally good because if the people were good then the society would not need to have rules or police stations and prisons as well as have social norms.
According Xun Zi, he believes that human nature is something that is inborn and does not need to be learned (Watson). Humans usually desire things that they do not have thus making them do evil acts, which ends up ruining their lives. He illustrated that humans are evil in that they deliberately go against the morality and rules of the society. The problem is that they do not have any of the natural conception of morality in their blood stream. This is because they are morally blinded by nature. This is why they let their desires to rule their lives because they have no control over it. He goes further by stating that he does not believe that people enjoy the actions that lead to conflict or criminal activity in the society. In this kind of thinking people can see how true it is because the people usually are driven by their uncontrolled desires in that they end up committing crimes or disorders.
The other illustration that was made by Xun Zi is that human beings natures are all the same in that they are born without having moral principles. This is why they are taught about the social norms and the rules of the society so that they do not end up committing crimes or disorders. In looking at the leaders in the world especially the tyrants, everyone can see that their natures are all the same. The only major difference that the leaders have is in the way they carry themselves. There are other tyrants who are known to change their ways while others remain the same until their deaths. This is why Xun Zi believes that human nature is bad but it can be changed for the better (Knoblock). This proves that all humans can change their behaviours and be good members of the society no matter how bad one is. There have been cases in which people in the society who are murders change their attitudes and behaviours and change their lives for the better. Some of the main reasons that are causing people to change their nature are religion, education and social norms.
Xun Zi and most people in the world recognize that humans are capable of reforming themselves while there are others who are incapable of reforming their attitudes. It is a fact that in order for one reform their evil ways they have to take the first step in order to start changing their ways. In looking at the arguments made by Xun Zi, one is able to see that his arguments are valid (Watson). This is because humans are born with the need to have wealth, are jealous and power. These traits are what are making the world have criminals or disorders. This is what has brought about terrorism in our modern society. People are prone to evil acts without their knowledge. He was right when he stated that through education and having social norms and rules this is what would cause a person to change their attitudes or behaviours.
Thomas Hobbes philosophy about humanity being inherently evil
He believed that all humans are selfish beings therefore; they are prone to do whatever it takes to make sure that they better their positions in the society. This means that the humans act on their evil impulses. According to him, he believes that people are not capable of making rational decision all by themselves (Pettit). He also believed that the nations as well as the people in it were selfishly motivated in everything they do. This is because most nations and people in the world are in need of getting wealth and power. In proving this statement, he stated that people usually carry their keys or arm themselves with guns or any other weapon because they are usually at a state of war. This shows how evil humans are due to their selfish nature in that they do not trust anyone around them.
Hobbes also stated that the government was created in order to create rules, which would be used to protect the citizens from the selfish acts of people, and evil that exists among the humans. This is why he believed that countries should have a king who would be an authoritarian figure in the society. The authoritarian figure will be able to control and direct the leadership of the nation. This direction of leadership is what will help control or suppress the selfish self-interest that people have in their lives. This is the reason why he believed that democracy is not a good way to go therefore, meaning that he did not believe in electing presidents (Zagorin). He stated that when one person is given the power to be a leader then this would create a dangerous situation in that they would look after their own needs. This is what would lead to war of men thus leading to a poor, solitary and short life for the men in the country.
Hobbes had a problem with democracy but at some point, he believed that democracy is necessary for the voice of the people to be heard. These unlike the kingship it will help prevent the leaders from being unfair or cruel to the citizens. Democracy can be seen to be a good thing to have in the society but the problem occurs when the leader turns out to be selfish in that they cater for their own needs (Zagorin). This could lead them to tyranny and they would steal from the nation. Hobbes way of thinking can be seen to be justified or valid especially when he states that human beings are driven by their selfish needs or desires. It is a fact that all human beings are well known to be selfish in that they do whatever it takes in order to make it in life. This shows how inherently evil human beings are in the society.
In conclusion, humanity is inherently evil this is because humans are biologically created to meet their own needs. The desire or need to survive in the environment is what has led many people to commit crimes or causes disorder in the society. This will therefore, cause humans to sacrifice others in order to get what they truly need. This actually proves that the desires of a person will always come first before the needs of others. This is why Thomas Hobbes and Xun Zi have created arguments in which they will be able to explain why humanity is inherently evil. When it comes to the philosophy of Thomas Hobbes, he claims that he does not believe in democracy in which one person is elected (Zagorin). This is because he believes that all humans are selfishly motivated in that the politicians that people elect will be in it for wealth and power. At some point, this argument is true because if people look at most of the leaders in the world one can be able to see how the government is made in such a way that the leaders are the ones who end up benefiting. Xun Zi argument about how all human beings are born having feelings of jealousy, hate or envy and this feelings are what derive one to do certain things (Knoblock). This shows how everyone one in the world is prone to be evil not just by acting on it but also thinking about it. The love of power and wealth is also another driving force that has caused people to do illegal activities.
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