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Published: 2021-06-18 06:10:34
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When carrying out employee recruitment, the selection process is very crucial. The project must be carried out with utmost care to avoid any failure. This report outlines the stepwise process of ensuring a successful employee selection to achieve the desired recruitment goal and get the best team of staff to fulfill organization objectives. The audience is new Human Resources Managers who have never led employee selection panels.Employee Selection ProcessI. PreparationThe step is very important in the selection process because it prepares everyone psychologically. The preparation takes a long time because it determines whether the recruiting process will be successful. The human resource manager makes a budget that, will enable the committee to conduct the selection process. The budget is made in such a way to cut cost. A time schedule is also designed to ensure that, the committee responsible for the selection process, work in an organized way to avoid wastage of time.II.

Setting up a Selection committeeThis is where the HR manager selects a committee that, will conduct the selection process. The committee selected is guided by an expert in staff selection. This committee will hold meetings to decide the criteria they will use to select the new employees. The committee will be responsible in determining the most competent candidate to ensure that, the company does not waste resources to select a candidate that, will not add value to it.III. Developing the Selection toolsThe committee will select the methods they will use to determine whether the candidates meet the required qualifications. There are diverse methods for selecting competent employees. The methods that, will be used for this particular job are; interviews, applications, written tests, personality test, proficiency test, etc. These tools will assist the selection committee to determine the most competent candidate who will contribute to the success of the organization. The written tests will assist the selecting committee to investigate the writing skills of the candidate.IV. AdvertisementOnce the committee is through with the preparation of the required tests to be carried out, there is a need to inform the public about the job vacancy. The stage helps invite a large number of candidates to Apply. There will be also notices in the organization about the job for the interested employees to apply.

The aim of this advertisement is to communicate about the job vacancy. The advertisement puts across the job description and specification.V. Short listingThis is very important, because it enables the select committee to screen the candidates interested in the job. The candidates interested in the advertisement will apply to the organization for the post. The selection committee will examine the application letters sent together with the documents attached to see whether the candidates who applied are qualified. Screening is done to identify the potential candidates. The selected candidates will be shortlisted in the newspaper to ensure that, they are aware of the selection.VI. Appointment of refereesThese are the people that, will assist in the interview process. There is a need to have a good number of interviewers to ensure that, the selection process is successful. These referees are trained on how to conduct an interview effectively before the interviewing day.VII. Structuring the interviewThis is where the selected committee together with the referees appointed decides on the type of interview that, will be carried out. The selection committee decides the time, date and the venue of the interview to ensure that, all the selected candidates are aware. The candidates will be informed through the telephone because it more effective because it saves time and resources.VIII. Conducting the interviewThe stage helps to determine the performance of the interviewees. This position needs both written and spoken interviews.

The written interview will determine whether the interviewee is has good writing skills. The written interview will also help the selection committee to determine the how the interviewee to test his/her intelligence to see whether they qualify for the job offered. The oral interview will be used to evaluate many things. It will determine whether the candidate possess the skills indicated in the curriculum vitae. The first two minutes in the interview room will determine the personality of the interviewee before the whole interview process is complete. The interview entails screening the candidates interested in the job. It is the most effective way to determine the candidate’s proficiency. This process is conducted by a panel of interviewers. All the interviewers give their own judgments about the interviewees to avoid biasness.IX. Selection decisionThe selection committee will sit down together and decide who qualifies for the job after the interview. The interviewee will not be given immediate feedback because this job is complex. There is the need to take time ensure that, the candidate chosen will perform as expected.The step is very difficult because it needs careful evaluation to ensure that, the best candidate is not left out and replaced by an incompetent one.X. FeedbackThis is the step where the candidate who has successful passed the interview is summoned, and informed about his/her success.XI. Letter of acceptanceThe successful candidate is given a letter of acceptance to sign before starting the job. The candidate is given legal document to sign to avoid any problems from arising later on. The new employee is then taken through the induction process to familiarize with the working environment before starting the job.

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