Ethical Issues In Food, Agricultural And Apparel Industries Book Review

Published: 2021-06-18 05:27:37
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The doctrine of double effect concerns moral conflict, and it is based on a suggestion that every action generates two outcomes usually good and bad (Shafer-Landau, 170). However, the question as to whether the actions are ethical or not depends on their results. Therefore, bad actions can still be perceived morally acceptable if their results are good. This doctrine is related utilitarianism, which promote the argument that an action is acceptable if it is of the greater social wellbeing. The doctrine of double effect could be a source of guidance in a case where murder results from self-defense. If a robber is murdered while breaking into a home, the murder will be justified by the security of family members and their property. For such a case, the guidance is good but I general there is no morality in murder.
The biggest attraction of Ross’s view of ethics in prima facie duties is that moral acts depend on their consequences, and, therefore, good morals result to good consequences to the parties involved (Jacques, 2009). This view is different from others in that it contains at least two fundamental rules in morality whole the others are absolute. However, this is not enough basis to accept the theory. Traditionally, morals are learned through instruction, reasoning, and practice. Practicing to do the right thing is the best and an attractive way to learn morals because it involves actions.
According to Aristotle (page139), moral virtue is a tendency to behave in the right manners and vices result from deficiency or excess of the same. Virtues are acquired through practice and habits in general. I agree that virtues are essential to a good life because they encourage a good attitude in all circumstances. People acquire moral knowledge when they choose to perform actions that aim at good things. The account of moral knowledge by Aristotle differs from others in that it focuses on the individual and describes what is right by distinguishing virtues and vices. Western philosophers excluded women from the tradition of philosophy and they portray women as weak and vulnerable. The feminist ethics have focused on revising philosophical concepts that omitted women and feminist perspective.
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