Example Of An Iconic Image Of Los Angeles: Griffith Observatory Argumentative Essay

Published: 2021-06-18 05:11:26
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Griffith Observatory has a lot that inspires those who find value in its existence. Its iconic aspect cannot be described only from the physical attributes it possesses. The virtual position it has maintained throughout history coupled with how strong it emotionally seals many of us is inspiring. Its strategic location with respect to the Los Angeles basin give it the social significance it has, additionally, just to mention Colonel Griffith J. Griffith who established the original social meaning of the structure is a reason for treasuring its iconic figure in the contemporary society. Interestingly, the structure represents a lot about the continuity of the American dream throughout the generations that has seen it stand and labeled it their main iconic figure. A plain visual survey when standing at the tip of the building gives u a virtual summary of the most treasured natural aspects of Los Angeles. As a matter of fact, Griffith Observatory portrays the idea of social stratification and the concept of seeing more when standing highly to reinforce the idea of personal happiness through material prosperity and distort the conceptions of equal opportunities of the American Dream.
Griffith Observatory, in California, south of Los Angeles is a large elevated building that faces the slope of mount Hollywood. The analysis of its physical position tells a historical and social story about Los Angeles as well as the values that are regarded and treasured most by its people. Anybody with the urge of admiring the mountain without having to climb it uses any point of this building to watch the beauty of its slope and stretch to the length of its tip. The short proximity of the mountain to the settlement areas of Los Angeles makes it a valuable piece of natural resource that is treasured by all that are deemed patriotic to Los Angeles. This strategic position with respect to the mountain depicts its surrounding as an elevation of steep mount sides.
The steepness of the slopes as depicted by this virtual picture shows that there are no public vehicles that can help move people on equal grounds to the tip of the structure. Therefore, anyone willing to visit Griffith Observatory has to own hi/her own locomotive. This is a virtual picture to show that it is not accessible to every individual who develops the interest of climbing to the observatory. A logical mind would make the odds and rank the observatory as a preserve for the rich once he/she makes it up the building. As a matter of fact, the observatory is preserved in the confinement of Los Angeles Griffith Park. This shows that it is not only a tourist attraction site, but also a structure that is deemed important by the virtue of its historical and philanthropic values. Tourists from all over the world, visiting Los Angeles for the first time will need to find an elevated point, strategic enough to give them visual access to the City of Los Angeles and the natural resources that constitute its beauty.
A further visual stretch to the southwest gives more of these natural resources, the Griffith Observatory provides a good visual access to the vast Pacific Ocean, a natural resource that attracts a vast number of tourists to glance and feel the breeze that it offers. If you have any idea what would attract tourists most, then you would know that the observatory has it in abundance. This position makes the observatory a strategic view of a vast section of the Pacific Ocean as it diminishes in the numerous shores shaped with hotels and marine resting points. The forces of nature displayed by the numerous natural resources are always an interesting piece of entertainment for the eyes. This is why people crowd the observatory every moment of the year to experience the integration of science, nature, and history. In fact, the social aspect or significance of the observatory cannot be described solely by the experience of the tourists who come to take advantage of its elevation to enjoy visions. There are shows and theatres for different types of international games that are valued by its fans dating from the history of such games.
With respect to this, the original idea of building the Griffith Observatory was mutually for the social benefit of the people of Los Angeles. These games are played by people from the native as well as tourists from different parts of the world. The sole aspect that it connects not only the natives of Los Angeles, but also people from different parts of the globe (through tourism) was the main objective of Colonel Griffith J. Griffith. His main intentions were to enable the public to enjoy the inventions made in astronomy. This can be seen through the numerous astronomical instruments that are organized in the Wilder Hall of the Eye.
The image of Griffith Observatory expresses the loneliness of the architecture. This can be interpreted as symbolic of its significance in social and historical grounds. Moreover, as there are no buildings or elevated points of such height around the building, one has to get a helicopter to access the plan view of its structure. All these factors depict this structure as alienated while on the other hand, it connects the people through the social aspects it offers. The views it offers of the Pacific Ocean and Downtown Los Angeles makes it the most visited tourist attraction point in the whole area. Additionally, it is directly situated to the south of the Hollywood sign which can act as a welcoming vision for Los Angeles visitors. The sign is visible and can be pictured at any spot on the Griffith Observatory.
On the other hand, is theorists have tabled is sociological studies geared toward a measurable achievement of the American Dream for all, any structure or figure that has a considerable impact on the social makeup of the American population has a corresponding impact on the American Dream. It can be partially proved that the social significance the Griffith Observatory has on the people distorts and reinforces the American Dream in varying extents. However, this will depend on the individual’s perception of the American Dream as well as the extent of social influence the structure has on the individual.
Basically, the happiness it offers those who find it possible to visit the structure and develop a social perspective of their country through the materials stored in the structure can be described to enjoy the American Dream to the fullest. People get happier and richer; hence more power to enjoy other aspects of the American Dream. As depicted by theorists and sociologists regarding the principle of the American Dream, getting to enjoy a single constituent of this dream offers an individual the pathway to get to enjoy the other constituents of the American Dream. Therefore, it can be concluded in this context that Griffith Observatory reinforces the American Dream.
Also, Griffith Observatory, given its elevated position and the requirements that one has to fulfill to get to enjoy the views it offers jeopardizes the lives and hopes of those who cannot afford to visit the observatory. As a matter of fact, those who cannot reach to such elevated points are disadvantaged and cannot see what can be seen in those heights. Considering the principle of social stratification, the steepness of the slopes that head to its tip cannot be managed without a personal car, a factor that advantages the poor and leaves the Griffith Observatory a thing for the rich. In this context, we are able to establish that not everybody is granted an equal opportunity to enjoy everything that Griffith Observatory offers. Hence, it can be tabled that Griffith Observatory distorts the American Dream.
In conclusion, on an argumentative ground, it can be established that the Griffith Observatory has both positive and negative effects on the achievement of the American Dream for all Americans through distortion and reinforcement. In the context of the influence it has on the American Dream, it is a logical fact that it has some responsibility in shaping the lives of those who travel there and are not necessarily from Los Angeles. When the tourists get back to their home countries, they propagate not only the social significance of Griffith Observatory, but also a new social setup. This is orchestrated by the fact that every social setup has its social balance and an aim (like for instance, The American Dream for Americans). Therefore, the Griffith Observatory has a social responsibility in shaping social lives, what matters though, is the extent by which it manipulates an individual’s life.

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