Example Of Course Work On Alcohol Abuse

Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:13
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- It would be hard for Mr. Wilko to stop drinking given the kind of stress he has. His self-assessment that he can stop at any time is highly unlikely, unless he runs out of money to buy drinks.

- As his stress increases, Mr. Wilko will have no other option than increase his alcohol intake. This was one way he could mitigate his worries. He found the effects of alcohol to be a sophomore, and by consuming it, he was lost in the world of intoxication.

- If Mr. Wilko continues to drink large amounts of alcohol, the liver which removes the waste from the body will develop “alcoholic liver disease” says Pickett (2014). This could lead to accumulation of dangerous elements in his body, and become cancerous.

- Excess drinking can also lead to certain other deadly conditions which include pancreatitis, oesophageal and breast cancer, to name a few (Pickett, 2014). Since the pancreas and the oesophageal tube get affected, Mr. Wilko complains about indigestion. As his liver began to weaken, the food he consumed was not being processed within the stomach, as a result of which, he complained of indigestion.

- Mayou & Farmer (2002:426-9) believes that excess intake of alcohol can lead to depression and post-traumatic stress disorders. People addicted to alcohol are known to display self-harming tendencies and are prone to phobic anxiety. Such traumas can have serious repercussions on those people who are heavy drinkers. “Psychological, behavioural, and social factors are physical symptoms associated with work, leisure, and family life” (Mayou & Farmer, 2014), and this is the same with Mr. Wilko, who is at great risk of having trauma.


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