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Published: 2021-06-18 06:13:05
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Section 1: Absent worker

In this view, the scenario presented talks about a person who is not very much regular with his work at office. In my view he is not morally justified to neglegt his diuties presented. With regards to this concern, though it is his right to utilize all his earned leaves and access loss of the pay leaves when the ultimate needs arises, it is also equally important to balance is personal life with the office work. Definitely, there is a fundermental need to balance both aspects presented.

This goes ahead to communicate the basic binding agreement that comes as a priority when an employer employs an individual in that, your moral obligation is toperform it with full dedication and honesty (Goree, 2007). Leaves, sickeneses and other emergencies are there which ca n definitely leads to the spendig of more time out mof the office work but definitely they should not come on the cost of of the employement in which an individual is presented as a basic component in the work place.

In the normative sense, morality should never be overridden which means, no one should ever does violate a moral prohibition that one is bestowed upon in relation to the non-moral considerations. In my view, I think the worker was only thinking on himself and this lead him to neglect the job he was doing. Hence in this view, it was not ultimately fair that the other workers did take his slack everytime he was absent. In this, I don’t think he was considering what others were feeling and this makes him a bad co-worker.

With this repeated actions, I think he should have been fired or rather replaced. In addition, St Augustine would definitely have fired him. This will give him the opportunity to learn the consequences that are caused by the actions that one personally indulges in. According to St Augustine is that we learn from life lessons. Hence, acquisition ofknowledge is through Gods illumination of thoughts in the memories of individual humanbeings. Hence with regards to the same individuals should always be keenly aware of the choices that they make in their daily activities.

On the other hand, St Aquinas thinks that we can learn from mistakes. Meaning, knowledge shall originate within ourselves, within our senses. In this view the employee should have been put in probation and given a number of ultimatums to enable him learn and correct the bad behaviour and attitude in the work place (Goree, 2007). Hence St Aquinas thinks that there are always resolutions to any presented problem only if we are ready and rather willing to learn the right way.

Section 2 Rhonda

In my view on the other hand, Rhonda is wrong. This was because it definitely causes harm to an individual talking about him/her in their absense and especially in this case the people happen to be her friends (Goree, 2007). Hence because Rhonda is talking and gossiping on the friends absense doesn’t mean that they won’t get to hear what she was saying concerning them.

In addition, this highlights the concept of bad manners of her gossiping in the workplace. In addition talking ill of people only gets you that same respect back. This is bacause will sooner or later starts talking about bad of you. Hence this will create a bad reputation over you.

As per St Augustine’s view, the acquisition of knowledge is through Gods illumination of thoughts in the memories of individual human beings. Hence in relation to this scenario, Rhonda should have desisted from the habit of giving in the gossip because it will definitely cause her harm (Goree, 2007). In addition, according to St Aquinas, the idea of knowledge begins withgin the senses and hence the origin of knowledge is within ourselves. Hence Rhonda should embrace the virture and avoid the gossip in the workplace and concentrate on doing her job and gurad her reputation.


Goree, K. (2007). Ethics in the workplace. Mason, Ohio: Thomson/South-Western.

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