Example Of Course Work On Thinking Outside The Idiot Box

Published: 2021-06-18 06:10:54
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In a recent article, Dana Stevens has criticized Steven Johnson’s thesis ‘The Sleeper Curve’. She has expressed her viewpoint mentioning that, watching TV teaches people to watch more TV; unlike Johnson’s belief that TV has become more complicated in the last two decades. Stevens has mentioned that, Johnson’s case may seem solid until defined in quantitative, scientific terms. However, this complicated development of TV shows does not make people smarter is the author’s claim.

Stevens has pointed out the loopholes of ‘The Sleeper Curve’ thesis. She indicates that Johnson has dismissed the controversies of real-life politics being portrayed on a fictional event. The portrayal of Muslim terrorists imposing tortures is something, which creates a negative idea in people’s mind, according to Stevens. It has also been criticized claiming that, the intricate plotline of TV drama ‘24’ draws people’s attention, understanding and logical thinking, while it is actively dismissing the thought of vigilant ethics being featured. Although Johnson’s thesis may seem true, the ultimate concern is that such TV shows are also stirring a negative attitude in the minds’ of people. On Johnson’s implication that TV watching is making people smarter, Stevens feels that it is hilariously uncertain and false. She personally believes that all the serious TV shows feels funny to her and a sense of sympathy.

Dana Stevens has criticized another encounter; TV Turnoff Week. She questions who decides whether the zapper is anti-television liberal or not, on Lasn’s explanation about what made him stop zapping TV in the airport. Although this TV Turnoff Week and zapping TV in public places may seem a matter of concern to a small group of people, it should in fact concern to people who believe ‘The Sleeper Curve’. Stevens concludes by making a comment that this kind of activities might seem a great deal to young children, but grownup people must know their TV dosage.

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