Example Of Education in Economic Annotated Bibliography

Published: 2021-06-18 05:10:18
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Canadian Feed the Children. Education: the basic building block of every society. 2014. Web. http://www.canadianfeedthechildren.ca/what/education

In this article, the importance of education in economic and social growth in any country is discussed. The Canadian Feed the Children Organization, which is the writer of the article, helped the readers to understand how the education helps people. It shows how the education can improve the economic stability of the nation. It also suggests that education has a large factor for the food security of every family. The article also focused on what are the main problems in education and how could everyone help in ensuring proper education for every children.

In this website, the main issues for education are discussed. The article reported that 57 million children have no access for primary schooling and 250 million are illiterate. The risk and problems for the lack of access in proper education are also discussed. The article argues that without proper education, their families will suffer as well as the economy. With this report, the article suggests that the developing countries should have a proper action in ensuring that every child has an access in proper education. The article added that the economic growth could be achieved by providing good quality education for all. They also discussed their actions about improving the learning system and providing proper education to more children such as training of teachers and supporting children in schools.

Epstein, Mark and Yuthas, Kristi. Redefining education in the developing world. 2012. Web. http://www.ssireview.org/articles/entry/redefining_education_in_the_developing_world

The article written by Mark Epstein and Kristi Yuthas reported how the traditional education system which is based on Western culture should be redefined. They suggest that the traditional education system could provide many problems to the families such as costs and learning outcomes. These are the reasons why families in the developing countries could decide not to keep their children in school. The Authors suggested a new educational model which is entitled “school for life” which provides students a benefit for their everyday life to keep them from going to school. The method used in the new model is that, the children in schools would get information and learning ways on how their lives could be easier and protected. In the new education model, the students could learn how to avoid diseases by learning proper health caring. The model suggested by the Authors should have a dramatic change on the education system of the developing countries.

Hewlett Foundation. Quality education in developing countries. 2014. Web. http://www.hewlett.org/node/1079

The article Quality education in developing countries discussed how the education could be an essential part of the economic development of most of the developing countries. The article suggested that the proper education must be provided to all children in any developing nation. The Hewlett foundation which is the author of the article, with their partnership with the Bill and Medina Gates Foundation, created a program that could provide proper education to the children of the developing countries of Africa. The project is entitled Quality Education in Developing Countries (QEDC). The program focuses on providing resources for education and helping the areas for improving teaching and learning experience for both teachers and students.

Lawrence, Lee. Chronic solutions from abroad for chronic U.S. school problems. 2013. Web.http://www.csmonitor.com/World/2013/0901/Education-solutions-from-abroad-for-chronic-U.S.-school-problems.

The Article by Lawrence Lee suggested that there are problems in the education system in the United States that are solved in the other parts of the world. The article discussed that the main problem of the education system in the United States is that they are falling down from the competitive world of education. This means that quality education in the US is decreasing while the other countries are improving. There are solutions that are made by the US government but the effect would be long term. An example of the other countries’ approach to quality education is the use of creativity and innovation for learning that is implemented in Singapore.

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