Example Of The Influence On The American Political System Book Review

Published: 2021-06-18 05:27:25
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The importance that the author places on the idea of how what a person is attempting to communicate within the political realm is effected by the language that is used, or how the idea is disseminated, is essentially characterized by the context of the idea that is being distributed. Luntz argues that there are various ways to communicate these ideas in a way that they will be well-received by a large audience.
He makes the claim that the way that this can be done is, by first reflecting the importance of creating something that people have not been able to be connected with. Luntz states that “any overarching platform had to look, sound, and actually be different from anything that had come before.” (150) In this sense, the idea of having an impact upon people with the ideas you have to communicate relate directly to the ability to disseminate these ideas to a multitude of people.
Luntz further argues that this idea of saying the things that need to be expressed I essential to the realm of politics. This is true for not only those who are actually speaking, but for the way that politicians write these things as well. In this sense, the way in which language is prepared can have profound impacts upon how the agreements that people make can be effected. “Understanding how the language for the Contract was created, and why, will illustrate how words that work are crafted in the political realm.” (151) Luntz demonstrates this idea through his discussion of how the Republican party created the Contract that they wished to set forth in their goals for the future.
Within the context of the essay is seems evident that the rhetoric that Luntz uses within his work depends heavily on key phrases that he repeats throughout his discussion. He uses these ideas in order to compound what he sees as important into the fundamental structure of the essay. In this sense, the author was able to represent his ideas to the group of senators that he faced difficulty with. By showing that there were certain ideas that could be applied, he was able to win their support.
Luntz writes from a professional standpoint. His background allows for the presentation of his ideas on the tenet of his authority. Not only has this author proposed the fundamental importance of language, but has done so in a creative way. By doing this, the author is able to demonstrate his ideas through not only argument, but through his demonstrations as well. In this sense, it seems to be important to represent the ideas that the politician is arguing for in a language that individuals have been known to hold as important.
Luntz argues that it is just as important how something is said than the actual content of what is said. This seems to be the inherent demonstration of how these individuals can relate to others on a deeper level. Through the communication that is presented through the arguments of the author.
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