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Published: 2021-06-18 05:10:19
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Apparently, Lil Wayne is not only known for his exemplary style of music but also his unique and outstanding character. Throughout his life, it is imperative to denote that this rapper has had to undergo stresses while concurrently achieving success. With the above said, this paper will present an insightful description of sources that will be used in the subsequent research. Details and how the use if these sources in the research will be elaborated more profoundly.

Brown, J. (2011). Lil Wayne: (an unauthorized biography). Phoenix, Ariz: Colossus

Owing the fact that this book offers a detailed record of Wayne’s early life and his development as of 2011, including his struggles. This book will be of much help in establishing the background information particularly as it relates to the stresses he went through subsequent to the incarceration after pleading guilty for possessing a gun illegally. In addition to the above, Wayne’s relationship with other rappers will be established and hence his success. This book will provide profound and insightful information regarding Wayn’s successes in the subsequent research. Owing the fact that this book dedicates a whole chapter to elaborate more on Wayne’s success particularly as it relates to Cash Money Records and the albums he produced prior the year 2011. The aforementioned book will also provide information regarding Wayne’s entrepreneurial success and success in making good associations with other rappers signed under his record.

This source is exemplary and accredited owing the fact that the author and publisher of this book are endorsed. Though the biographical information incorporated in his book is not authorized, it is of utmost significance to state that the information incorporated in this book was recorded subsequent to a profound research and insightful analysis of the same.

Ferrier, M. (2012). Lil Wayne: Takin' the rap.

This book was written by Morwenna Ferrier and contain a total of 128 pages. Considering that 0this book was launched or rather published in 2012, the information provided herein relates to events that occurred prior 2012. The main objective of this book is to offer a detailed record of Lil Wayne’s life as a way of celebrating the many influential celebrities in the contemporary times. The author of this book chose Lil Wayne essentially because he is one among the few celebrities who are constantly being talked about by fans. The author of this book unlike other authors who have since written about Lil Wayne’s focuses predominantly on Wayne’s success using social sites as the ground for his arguments. In his arguments, the author establishes that Lil Wayne has a considerably huge number of followers in social sites that include facebook YouTube and twitter. The above as established by the author of this book make apparent the fact that Wayne enjoys the concession of admiration by a legion of fans. In addition to the above, this book establishes the success of this rapper apparent from the much collaboration he has since engaged himself. These include his collaborations with other renowned rappers including Chris Brown, Jay-Z, and Kanye West, and Wyclef Jean, -just to name a few. Despite the fact that this rapper enjoys the success of his struggles, this book details the downfall of this rapper particularly as it relates to his incarceration and drug addiction. This book establishes that though this rapper enjoys success, it is of utmost significance to establish and make apparent the fact that he has since had his downfalls and failures as well.

Considering that this book was written by a well acknowledged author and published by an authorized publisher, the content in this book is credible enough for use in research. This book will be used in this research particularly to retrieve the failures if Lil Wayne. In addition, this book will be used to establish the success that this rapper acquired subsequent to creating beneficial collaborations with other prominent figures in rap music.

Serpick, E. (2008). How Lil Wayne Became a Superstar. Rolling Stone, (1055), 15-16.

The article above was written by Evan Serpick, who is apparently renowned for his exemplary and detailed articles particularly those that relate to music. In this article, however, this author focuses more on Lil Wayne rose to fame despite many challenges and impediment along the way. The author in this article particularly focuses on his album “Tha Carter III,” an album that apparently built a platform for his success. By focussing on the aforementioned album, that was launched in June 10, 2008. The author insightfully present the marketing strategies that were employed, and other preceding albums perceived to be of utmost significance towards the rise of Wayne. In addition to the above, this article presents Wayne’s relationship particularly with the stakeholders of Cash Money Records that include Birdman and Ronald "Slim" Williams, who apparently made his album success. In addition to the above, this article presents the success of Cash Money Records in which Lil Wayne is part. By focussing essentially on Wayne’s love for music, this article presents the stresses he went through and failures he had to incur subsequently to become what he is today.

Considering that his article was written by a renowned author and posted in an accredited database (EBSCOHOST), the details presented herein are certified and well scrutinized beyond reasonable doubt. With the above said, this article will be used to retrieve any relevant information as it pertains to Lil Wayne’s success. Particularly as it relates to his album “ Tha Carter III,” and the formation of Cash Money Records. In addition, considering that this article establishes the challenges that Lil Wayne had to succumb when working towards the limelight. The article will be used to establish the ways in which Lil Wayne coped with the many stresses posed to him. From a critical perspective, this article will be of the essence to the research owing its profound explanations of issues under scrutiny.

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