Free Argumentative Essay About Texas Hold Em Poker Is The Best Card Game To Be Played

Published: 2021-06-18 05:10:44
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Games are an important part of human life and help in relaxing the mind. Card games improve the intelligence of players as they are required to apply deep thought and sound decision making within a limited span of time. However, it is imperative to note that each game has its own rules, hence evoking varied tastes and preferences among the players. One of the most interesting games is card games, which come in various forms and types. There is a lot of calculated moves and intelligibility behind all the moves made by each player. Notably, the game also develops one’s thinking ability through engagement into serious thinking, which is vital for this game. There are many types of card games in general but the most important and best among them all is the Texas Hold'em game, which is more interesting and involving.
In this case, the players should be fully aware of the rules of the games and how to make intelligent moves in order to gain advantage of the other players. As much as the game is one of the very best to play, it is also the most critical and more involving than any other card game. In essence, it is the distinctive characteristics of this game that makes it outstanding and very unique from other card games. For instance, it involves three common variations of poker; the stud, draw and flop. In Flop game, the variant that needs the highest of skills and proper understanding is the Texas Hold’em. This explains why Texas Hold’em is widely accepted and used in the World Series of Poker (WSOP) in determining the eventual poker champions.
In addition to the above features, this game also has four distinctive and characteristic features that interest most players hence making it the most demanded poker game in most of the casinos and places where cards are played. It is also notable that this game reduces the number of starting hands appropriately. In this case, positioning is highly valued because of the various patterns of betting involved. In other words, the player in the minor blind position should be the first one in making the first bet. This is then succeeded by the player in the big blind position. It is followed that the player to the left of the big blind and the procedure continues repeatedly until the game ends. In most cases, the poker players enjoy the advantages of being the last person in betting. In order to ensure this bet is distributed, the other poker variants shift the positioning of the players as the game is played. However, in Texas Hold’em, the position is usually rigid hence not flexible. In this case, the small blind shall always remain as the small blind until the entire session comes to an end.
Texas Hold’em also allows some degree of nuts. In this case, the term “nuts” is used to refer to the highest possible hand that a player can form when he sums up all his cards and all the community cards in that particular game. Therefore, when a player has nuts, he is pretty guaranteed that there will be no one who can defeat him. When in possession of the nuts, it is possible that the player has all the reasons to place a bet and raise the maximum limit for the game with the intention of fattening the pot that he is sure of taking.
In this game, the winner takes all the game. In this case, the poker player having the highest ranked hand is the only one who is entitled to winning the Texas Hold’em game. When this happens, there will be no rules that will give an allowance for the contents of the pot to be divided among the various players, excluding the situation where two players are in possession of similar cards. However, it is also worth noting that it is usually difficult to have a scenario where there are two players with identical cards, although this does not in any way imply that the situation is not possible. This is one of the unique characteristics of the game that makes it more outstanding and unique. Even though other poker card games have rewards, which may only benefit the winner, they cannot be compared to the degree of control the winner in Texas Hold’em has, especially in setting the maximum value for the pot. This game is also interesting since once one is in hold of the winning card, it is guaranteed for him that he or she will win. In this case, the risks of losing are lowered to as low as zero.
Based on the above advantages and unique characteristics of the game, it is obvious that the game is the best and most enjoyable when compared to the other poker card games. Even though the other poker games are easy to learn and have flexible rules, it is clear that Texas Hold’em is one of the very best and the most outstanding of all the poker card games. In addition, there are great advantages that accrue to the winners of these games as compared to the other games. For instance, the game involves only one winner, who gets all the privileges of the game. In addition, the winning player can increase the maximum value of the pot to make it more valuable as he or she is guaranteed of the win. In essence, based on these numerous advantages associated with Texas Hold’em, it is true that there is no other poker card game that can be compared to this game. It is more attractive and comes with
Therefore, in a nutshell, Texas Hold’em is the best poker card game based on its unique characteristics and nature of the game. The game involves deep thinking and intelligent moves, which make it more interesting to the players. The exciting thing about the game is that after one realizes that he is to be the winner, he has all the freedom to manipulate everything, especially the benefits because winning is guaranteed and chances are so high that it will not change. Because of the powers winners have on setting the value of the pot, it makes the game more competitive as everyone strives to be the exclusive winner. Therefore, every move needs deep thinking and sound decision making. When all these are combined, it is very obvious that there is no other poker card game that can be equaled to this.

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