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Published: 2021-06-18 05:19:47
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Glass-based system (mainly silica) with fillers usually crystalline (typically leucite of a different high-fusing glass) is a modified procedure of category 1 whereby different amounts of other crystals are grown. In this category, the primary crystal used includes Fluorapatite, disilicate, leucite, and lithium. Leaucites that is a potassium aluminum silicate, are used where ceramic is to be fused onto a metal to modify the thermal expansion, but in leucite reinforced ceramics system, it increase the flexural strength. Leucite has a larger thermal expansion than glass and has newer finer ones that make it ideal.
Sintering involve application of slurry powder to a refractory die and later drying and firing it in a porcelain furnace. Layers can be built on it to produce the best aesthetics. Glass ceramics and lithium silicate are made of SiO2-Li2O. The Lithium silicate has small plate shaped crystals that are randomly oriented and interlocking bringing a reinforcing effect while the needle-like crystals deflect cracks and stop the propagation of the cracks. The Lithium orthophosphate with a lower volume is available that is superior to leucite glass ceramic with up to three times fracture toughness than that of glass ceramic. Feldspathic glasses can be used to bring aesthetics surface in alumina-based core systems as their expansion coefficients are matched as opposed to the lithium disilicate whereby the coefficients mismatch. A new glass ceramic made of apatite glass is therefore important and it closely resembles the enamel. Final morphology is built using veneers porcelain that is strong and translucent and hence brings about the highest esthetics. Advantages of PFM include its high strength, lower crack propagation, compatibility. However, it is thick necessitating reduction of the tooth to fit it and patients allergic to metals can react to it and bonding failure may lead to oxidation of the metallic surfaces. The tooth reduction is done such that the optima performance of the tooth is maintained. To reduce the disadvantages of PFMs, all-ceramics are developed. Natural teeth usually allow diffuse transmission and also regular transmission which prosthetic teeth must have.
The new techniques in sintering are producing attractive prosthetic teeth that are strong than before. On top of this, the process is easy and ensures that most of the disadvantages in the previous techniques are taken care off. It is worth noting that sintering is getting new techniques that shall better the health of the people.

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