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Published: 2021-06-18 05:19:34
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American Psychiatric Association "Same Sex Marriage." The American Psychiatric Association 1.1 (2004): 1-3. Print.

The American Psychiatric Association decides to conduct research on the prevalence of same-sex marriage in the society and whether same sex unions should be developed. The association concludes that same sex marriages have become basis of segregating certain families in the society in terms of denial of certain rights, responsibilities and benefits. The association dictates that these couples should be allowed to families through adoption of children. The association tries to defend these forms of marriages by dictating that it is not an abnormality. Through use of various resources, the analysis becomes outstanding and informative.Bottom of Form

Eskridge, William . "A History of same sex marriage." Virginia Law Review 79.7 (1993): 1419-1513. Print.

William Eskridge is a social researcher who chose not to settle on the belief of the existence of same- sex marriages. Therefore, he decided to conduct a research on where the practice came from. He has analyzed his case through consideration of various political leaders in the 19th century. He has considered various societies and the marriage practices that are allowed and famous in the region. The author has been dependent to various supportive materials that he has borrowed from previous researches by other social scientists. His analysis is reliable and gives concrete information on the possible sources.

Gartrell , Nanette , and Henny Bos. " US National Longitudinal Lesbian Family Study: Psychological Adjustment of 17-Year-Old Adolescents." American academy of padiatrics 126.1 (2010): 1-7. Print.

Nannette and Bos are social psychologists who try to document psychological adjustment of adolescents who resulted from donor insemination by lesbian mothers. The researchers used researches that were carried out between 1986 and 1992 on 154 prospective lesbian mothers who voluntarily offered to respond to research questions. The research brought in outstanding findings that 17 year old children of lesbian parents were rated to be socially, and academically competent and were exposed to minimal social problems. This research is outstanding in the representation of the psychological pain that they may incur on realization that they were born of same sex parents.

Bartlett, Philip. "Same-Sex Marriage." Same-Sex Marriage; 36.2 (1999): 581. Print.

This is an analysis conducted by Barlett Philip on how Hawaii voters tremendously passed a referendum to amend the constitution of the state to allow the legislature power accommodate opposite sex marriage. The analysis evaluates various issues that arose on how the issue of same-sex marriage should be handled to ensure there is equality between opposite sex marriages and same sex marriages. According to the author, the constitution had extensive issues with the wellbeing of same-sex marriages since they were denied various human rights. The analysis is significant in the definition of the acceptance of same-sex marriages in the society.

Kramer, Larry. "Same-Sex Marriage, Conflict of Laws, and the Unconstitutional Public Policy Exception." The Yale Law Journal 106.7 (1997): 1965-2008. Print.

Larry Kramer, base’s his analysis of same-sex marriage on an evaluation of certain constitutional measures that have been undertaken on the issue. He pays close attention to the Hawaii constitutional amendment that was significant in the determination of the fate of same-sex marriage. The amendment succeeded by making same-sex marriage legal. The main concern of the author is the influence that the decision would bestow to the rest of the states. Acceptance of lesbians and gays in the state brings up extensive demonstration for acceptance of the practice in other states. The author succeeds in making it understandable how same sex-marriages have been influenced by acceptance in some regions.

Wotton, Greg . "Same—Sex Marriage and the debate over its legalization in the Modern World and the relevance of The Bible in this debate.." American Standard Bible 1.1 (2002): 1-10. Print.

Greg Wotton chooses to analyze the issue of same sex marriage and its legalization through the Bible. He pioneers a convincing argument that the Bible denounces same sex marriage and God intended that people of different sex should get married for them to multiply and fill the earth. Wotton has used various Bible quotes to indicate that God does not support same sex marriage and it should not be accepted. The article borrows a lot from previous researches making it more educative. This argument is extremely outstanding as it is based on facts and beliefs, which are extremely critical in convincing an individual on the right form of marriage.

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