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Published: 2021-06-18 05:49:46
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The concern of the performance of the company is to check on the factors that cause the success of the institution. Productivity in the company would result if the cooperation and the working environment were conducive for all workers in the institution. This is a company with high potential which fails to perform due to lack of coordination.
The main issue is the low performance since the employees are unhappy. There is a lack of proper coordination between the management and the workers. The communication of the employees and the management gives much of the collaboration that results into high performance. The channel of the delivery of information needs to be established as the C.E.O of the Maxim Service Industry has established and assigned the position to Evelyn.
The alternatives that Evelyn can consider
Alternatives have to be considered in improving the performance of the company (Stinson, 2010). In ensuring that the employees are on high tune, Evelyn should set a clear performance expectation. This will make the employees do their best in achieving these expectations. The other factor is linking career development trainings to the employees with regard to the departments. This refreshes the workers mind, and they are on the standard of the level of performance.
A potential solution
In conclusion, Evelyn following these steps will help in increasing the company's performance thus fulfilling the objective of the company. This results to high productivity (Dess & Picken, 1999).
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