Free Case Study On The Big Bang Approach At Nibco

Published: 2021-06-18 05:48:12
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The big bang approach is the best approach for NIBCO to replace the company’s legacy systems with an integrated system. The big bang approach is fast. It will not take long to have the company fully migrated from the legacy approach. As a result, the company shall be able to carry out its activities at ease within a short time. Also, the big bang approach is more cost effective compared to the other approaches. The amount of capital needed in the migration from legacy to the integrated system, when the big bang approach is much less compared to when the parallel or phased approach is used. It shall benefit the company greatly, which has for long been using a lot of money to repair the blowing up legacy systems.
It would be hectic for the company to go forward with implementing the new system through phase implementation plan. The implementation by phase approach is rather time consuming. Introduction of the integration system in phases shall end up consuming a lot of time before the company can realize the objective of eliminating the legacy systems. The workers too will not be zealous enough. It is especially so because they have enough time to learn working with the integrated system. Conversely, the parallel system is no better. Here, the workers too will not work hard enough. They shall find it easier, more often than not, to work with the legacy system. This shall lead to NIBCO taking more time than planned to phase out the old system. Also, the two methods are more expensive to implement in comparison with the big bang approach.
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