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Published: 2021-06-18 06:09:38
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Business: Behavioural Excellence


The paper aims to answer three questions pertaining to ethical and moral issues involved in the “Blue Spider Project” case. The questions and answers are discussed in this section.

Question 1: What do you think are the moral and ethical issues facing Gary Anderson?

Answer: There are mainly three moral and ethical issues facing Gary Anderson. First is misinterpretation of facts to the customer. In spite of knowing that their design would not perform over 130°F, he stated 155°F in the initial proposal. Second, he hid critical information from the customer regarding early ageing of the new element. Though both these actions were done under influence, it does not render Gary innocent as he had the option of telling the truth at every point. Third, the program is ill-managed and there is lack of transparency at every stage. Transparency is a key to gaining everyone’s trust.

Question 2: If you were Gary Anderson, how would you handle the situation differently?

Answer: Had I been Gary, I would not have accepted to write false and misleading information in the initial proposal. I would have declined to Gable to misquote the higher temperature limit of company’s design. I would have also declined the offer to become program manager as it was clear from Gable’s statement that the position is fraught of ethical challenges. I would also have tried to be transparent in my dealing with internal employees and external customers.

Question 3: Do you think there is a connection between a person's high ethical and personal responsibilities standard and his/her leadership in behavioural excellence? Explain.

Answer: There is high correlation between personal ethical standards and leadership behavioural excellence. Having high ethical standards and practicing them enables one to gain people’s trust and helps achieve behavioural excellence in leadership. According to Harris (2012), establishing and maintaining integrity is a pre-requisite to developing trust. Integrity is maintained by displaying high ethical behaviour at all times.


Maintaining high ethical standards at personal level helps excel at professional level as well. This is because high ethical standards help display one’s integrity and builds a trusting relationship.


Harris, Doug (2012). How to Work with the Biases You Bring to Every Decision. Retrieved from

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