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Published: 2021-06-18 06:11:47
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1.a. The Good Housekeeping seal is a benchmark for the consumers who shop for the regular goods needed at home and are not clear and confused regarding the products quality they purchase, and if they do not how to relate the products with various brands. The consumers who are young married women in their twenties and early thirties, with young children will attend to the Seal in product advertisements as they are still learners in shopping and the seal provides them with an opportunity to experiment. Older married women would not attend to the seal in product advertisements as they have the experience and awareness of the products and brands.

1.b. Attention varies from preconscious, automatic levels to focal levels, which is the beginning of comprehension . The young married women select the market information to process it further and comprehend it later. This can be achieved by premeditated research for more information. The older married women can interpret marketing stimuli due to their experience, and their attention requires less thinking ability and sensible control.

1.c. The comprehensions that consumers have of seal are created due to the deep engagement to produce knowledge and beliefs about the product that extend beyond the provided information. As stated by consumers might infer that a product is of superior quality because it is advertised on television. Regarding the Seal, the young married women have little conscious awareness while older women have higher levels of consciousness. The levels of comprehension can be either shallow or deep in these consumer groups.

1.d. The Good Housekeeping institute covers a wide product range for testing, and the young married women with less knowledge about a specific category find the seal valuable. The seal is considered as an emblem of higher quality as it increases the reliability of the product.

2. Exposure, attention and comprehension are associated in an order. Consumer requires exposure to attend to an advertising stimulus, and attention for conception to begin. When a brand ventures in a new product category without modifying its brand name, it extends its brand. An example of brand extension is the Fastrack, which firstly started with sunglasses, and later ventured into watches, bags, leather belts, and wallets. The brand effectively exposed the awareness of products through TV, stores, banner ads, and firms to generate traffic to its website.

3.a. According to me Sony must not take any action against the JK Wedding Dance Video on YouTube. Chris Brown, whose song was used in the video, was booked for violence and was under scanner. If Sony entertainment had taken any action against the wedding, it would mean that Sony was supporting Chris Brown, and by doing so Sony would lose its market reputation.

3.b. The success of the video was natural; however, the viral marketing was engineered. The wedding video was real, but the P.R. activities made the video go viral. According to , the promotion of the products through a credible message designed to spread; typically online, from person to person is viral marketing. Augustine Fou argues that Sony, or the company representative held this video to go viral and gave the digital push for publicity.

3.c. The bride Jill had grown up dancing, and she wanted the same activity in her wedding. Her wedding happened, and she wanted her relatives, who could not attend the wedding to view her wedding video.

3.d. From Fou’s argument, the learnings that help to engineer the viral success are to select a product that has a less consideration, and make a funny or entertaining video out of it, which displays the main features of the product. Energy and social intensification must be built by friends and family members, and the video must be optimized, analyzed and determined to check if the content is similar to the earlier product or service videos that went viral.

International Marketing

1. Desperados, the tequila-flavored beer solely owned by Heineken, which had a huge market in Europe; especially France is the fifth-ranked beer with 4% market share. It has been the choice of many beer drinkers and is currently paving its way into the U.S. markets. Heineken USA refers to Desperados as a spirited beer, as it has only 6% alcohol by volume, which equals the alcohol content of Platinum, but is lower than Fortune’s 6.9% . The company is using the same advertising strategy that has been used to market its products to other countries.

Desperados Advertisement Campaign

Heineken is targeting the urban market, and the party hot spots. Dufresne Corrigan Scarlett is an agency that works with Heineken for the advertisement campaigns in all countries. The importer uses the same campaign that rolls out internationally for the brand, which is sold in more than 60 countries . Heineken is spending a huge amount on the digital and out-of-home ads. The TV advertisements created for Desperados is known as “At Dusk, We Rise” to indicate that the brand would be popular among the consumers who are interested in high-energy, and an enthusiastic night-life style. Due to the strict alcohol rules in France, the company has introduced bottle shot photography as advertising alcohol is banned on televisions.
Desperados Market Strength. Heineken also has other brands such as Dos-A-Rita, and Amstel Radler; however, the strength of Desperados lies in the barrel aged positioning that is considered as the skill of the product. As quoted by Mr. Esquer, the Desperados formula that is sold internationally does not consist of the barrel-aged process . Desperados is not the first brand for tequila-flavored beer. The initial brand was Tequiza, by Anheuser-Busch, which got good consumer in the initial days of its launch, but later failed due to improper international advertising strategies.

2. Transporting any product to the foreign countries is a stimulating approach to increase the business. As stated by , typical approaches for the global sale management can be done through the transportation agencies; Export Management Company (EMC) or Export Trading Company (ETC). With the Internet and fast paced technology, EMC and ETC have seen a decline in transport. Transportation involves understanding and considering the foreign rules and practices, and the country culture. Being the manufacturer of automobiles, computer, jeans, and cut flowers, I would choose EMC to explore the international arena.

Transporting merchandise can be through Cargo, air, or by road. When sending goods to Canada from U.S, land transportation must be used. A Shipper’s Export Declaration is required for the shipments above $2,500 or any product that requires export license in Japan, and Europe, but not Canada. Though the Japanese markets do not impose any tariffs or quotas on foreign products, the U.S. automakers have great difficulty transporting automobiles into Japan .

Transporting to Europe, Canada or Japan introduces differences in culture. These differences in styles and traits must be considered when the cross cultural countries interact. By transporting merchandise to these countries, I would also ensure to send an expatriate as the operations begin. Expatriates have the skills to understand the home office, its policies, and its importance. They are very well familiar with the products being sold and well versed with their previous effective sales techniques.

EMC’s are mainly used for the small and medium businesses, and these EMC’s act as independent firm as the special export sales department for non-competing manufacturers. EMC’s can be an agent or a distributor depending on the type of manufacture. The risk involved with EMC is very less compared to the other transportation approaches.


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