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Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:05
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Effect of the concepts

Through the concepts, I understood the reason as to why different individuals behave in an organization in the way they do. The employees are distinguished according to the roles they perform, this explains the need for segmentation according to departments with different priorities. The policies in an organization influence the behavior of individual workers and the overall culture of the organization. The organizational culture holds importance as it influences the activities in their formulation and implementation. Influence or behavior implies that the workers would rely on the manner in which activities are performed and that the effectiveness is dependent on culture as well. Considering the organizational performance, the culture has the responsibility of creating and monitoring organizational management. Fayol emphasizes on the division of labor, equity and harmony. Taylor lays more emphasis on scientific management and Weber evaluates the socio-economic levels. The three circumstances outlined above as per the three scholars are essential. However, the situation is different from the current trends whereby only practical management is the most effective. The rationale in the outlined case confirms the fact that the implementation is the most crucial aspect in the management. According to the demand for practicality in management, human resource department has attained more responsibilities in management and closing their roles in management.

The concept of management introduced several ideas into my mind such as understanding the importance of management in an institution. Management is complex in an organization as it is important as well. Management determines the quality of performance and emphasizes on productivity and output of the in the organizations. As an essential process in an organization, management involves a process of regulating interactive functions and activities. Effective management is appropriate in every organization and relies upon the nature of work. The direct work is one of the important factors in management; its fundamental components should be safeguarded from manipulations. The support work should ensure effectiveness in its roles in every circumstance. As a function of management, generation of visions, missions and aims of the organization demands following all the procedures with employees understanding their roles appropriately (Daft 138).

Reaction to the Concept

The complexity of management arises from the function of managerial and human resource departments. The managerial role has changed over the years causing a distinct disparity between the current state of management and the classical mode of management. The previous postulations by scholars should be considered, and appropriate critique applied in order to modify them so as to conform to the demands of the current situation. Consider the fact that the world has changed with respect to the current trends meaning that, there has been an alteration in the traditional paradigm in management as well. Responding to the structural emphasis then the structures should be trimmed ensuring that only the important structures are maintained (Daft 141). The firm should determine good components by understanding their performance. Training employees to work in accordance to the requirements of the organization enhances their capabilities. Most of the training involves management of the specific work of the employees extending to supervision roles as well as compliance. Present managers can then cease to have their greatest powers as the classical managers due to declining in their authorities as their work has become oversight and delegation of duties (Daft 162).

Since the organizational behavior has a significant effect in various aspects of the organization including performance, the culture should be viewed and preset at its best. The behavior and culture should be constituted at their best and in a state that concurs with management and organizational success. Management shows itself as a dependable aspect in an organization and demands more emphasis in its understanding and implementation. Consider that the fate of the organization, workers, skills, functions, facilities and tasks rely on management. In spite of the vastness of the management relevance in an organization, changes in the prevailing trends presently should never be overseen. Other departments such as the human resource should be considered, and their importance understood (Daft 214).

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