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Published: 2021-06-18 06:10:40
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Britons have for the longest time been opposed to the idea of being under a monarch rule. They are not proud; rather they are ashamed of their country. Most of the Britons find the hype and funfair associated with the royal family as a major inconvenience on the country as a whole. What most people outside Britain do not realize is, Britons do not oppose the monarch rule simply for kicks, but it is because of the intense love they have for their country, and the need to end the humiliation of a Hanoverian monarch that is constantly suppressing strides towards a democratic state. The monarch setup produces idolatry as gross and stupid as that seen on the ancient heathens.

The major problem that makes it nearly impossible for most Britons to come to terms with the idea of a monarch rule is, the monarch system requires, more or less, that one person is made president, in the monarch’s case, made king or queen, for life. All of these single individual’s heirs would then succeed him or her, regardless of how arrogant, deluded, infirm or otherwise unsuited for the highest office in the land they are. The armed forces of the state would automatically swear their allegiance to the heirs of the individual in power. Furthermore, the heirs would automatically become heads of state without any form of an election process.

The constant royal weddings that the royal family is always participating in, is seen as a major inconvenience as it disrupts all the major economic activities of the country. This is made worse by the fact that these royal weddings almost always end in divorce

The problem with the monarchy, however, is that, by definition, no one can stop a prince from becoming king, because the British do not vote for their head of state. Britons will however continue to indulge in the royal family’s extravagances with massive media coverage as it has become the norm. But the cameras would shift their attention from the royal family to the parks, pubs and beaches; they would find millions who no longer find any pleasure in the spectacle that is the royal family. They would find that, slowly but surely, people were beginning to come to the recognition that their beloved country deserved something better.

Work Cited

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