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Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:53
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Months passed, and her father did not come back. “When is Daddy coming back? Does he care for me? ” The little girl questioned her uncle. The uncle reluctantly replied, “Daddy will come soon, and he always loves you very much." Lucy stared desolately at the man as he uttered his daily words. Uncle John’s efforts of finding Lucy’s dad had been in vain. However, he did not want the little lassie to know.
Silence always dominated the house. Uncle John was a man of few words. Besides, he had no wife or children. At first, the silent nature of the uncle always intimidated the little girl. However, gradually reading stories and doing her hair in sloppy braids played a great role in getting her to relax.
One night, the uncle heard screams from the little girl. She often had incubi at night. Uncle John rushed the little girl to the hospital at midnight. “Nurse, please help! She had an awful dream” Uncle John could be heard shouting.
“We are here to help. Are you a parent?”
“Yes.” Uncle John assuredly answered. He felt he was solely responsible for the well-being of the little girl. The nurses hurriedly took the little girl for examination. The man was restless at the waiting bay. After a few hours, she was well, and they drove back home.
Years passed, and her parents never came back. The girl had come to terms to this situation. However, she still felt the feeling of emptiness. “Lucy, I am proud of you. Congratulations.” Uncle John applauded the girl. She had completed her studies. “Thank you Uncle John.” She responded with enthusiasm while looking at his uncle with joy-filled indigo eyes. “You have been like a good dad to me! I love you Uncle John.” She continued as she ran and embraced the man.

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