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Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:47
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The best example of family and consumer conscience one can learn from the movie ‘Fireproof’ released in 2008. The movie gives an understanding of the equation that suggests that needs and intentional resources are equal to the enlargement of the conversation.
The first concept of identified needs in the movie occurs when a young girl Catherine asks her mother that when will daddy come home? And she replies that he will soon come home. So the goes on to ask her mother in innocence that can she marry daddy so that he can spend a lot of time with him. The mother says no, because he is my husband. This explains that love is the conscience that everybody needs including the young Catherine, while her mother goes on to say when she will grow up she will find herself a husband who ‘loves’ her (Kendrick, 2008).
The first concept is defined as identified needs that a person needs to be love against consumer conscience and forgets to look after those who love them and give back what they give them (Stewart, 2012).
However, the second concept of intentional resourcing in today’s society is poorly addressed. For example, as shown in the movie that husband and wife have grown distances in themselves due to their work and several issues they indulge in, and outside their house. However, the husband realizes in the end and starts intentional resourcing that means replenishing his wife’s potential requirement that should remove stress, initially he fails but later wins her heart (Allen, 1995).
The third concept is significant between family and consumer conscience and that is enlarging conversations. It means that when love and the potential requirement is collectively delivered, it enlarges the relationship between families and reduces the importance of consumer conscience that has negative impacts (Allen, 1995).
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