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Published: 2021-06-18 07:18:38
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Born in 1982 in Makkah, Saudi Arabia, my interest in library and information science dates back to my studies in high school. During this time, I excelled in library and research and earned a full marks. Due to this growing interest, I decided to pursue a career in information studies.

When I began my undergraduate studies, I successfully passed with honors. I was very keen to complete my postgraduate studies, which would allow me to teach at the university. I was deeply impressed by the challenging lecturers and their desire to develop creativity. My goals, inspired by the lecturers, where to become a critical learner and transform into an informatics society. I believe a meaningful life should be all about mastering important concepts combined with effort.

In 2008, I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to study abroad. Studying abroad had a large impact on my education and my personality, allowing me to interact and exchange experience with other learners. By employing knowledge instead of information alone, I learned more about the rapid development in information and technology such as digitization. This encouraged me to study Electronic and Digital Library Management in Sheffield University (one of the strongest British universities). While attending, I mastered research methodology and gained critical analysis skills. I worked on the greenstone to create my own digital library and designing websites using the Dreamweaver program. Sparking my interest once again in Digital library. Technology is continuously evolving and I endeavor to continue evolving my knowledge of technology as well.

I also worked in U.Q.U Library that has one of the largest digital repository in Saudi Arabia. Here I worked in conjunction with others to contribute and enrich the role of its digital library and repository. This included enhancing the library's usability, by knowing the obstacles and gaps that confront the proposed project. Throughout my endeavor to develop electronic services in the U.Q.U library, I noticed the marketing policies for the digital repository, which inspired the topic of my Ph.D. (Institutional repositories and Innovative uses of social media (micro-blogging): an analytical study of the uses of Saudi academic digital repositories through social media).In terms of a career, I see myself teaching digital libraries. As a digital library consultant, my duties would include going into building, managing digital libraries and repositories.

Doctoral studies within your University would be valuable for me. The teaching assistant ship program would provide me with the practical teaching experience I am eager to acquire. Furthermore, earning a Ph.D. in information studies would advance my other two career goals by adding to my skills, both critical and creative, in working with digital library. Ultimately, however, I see the Ph.D. as an end in itself, as well as a professional stepping stone. I enjoy studying digital repositories and social media for its own sake and would like to continue my studies on the level demanded by the Ph.D. program. I am highly aware of the superb reputation of your school. I hope you will give me the privilege of continuing my studies at your fine institution.

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