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Published: 2021-06-18 05:50:00
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1. How does Google’s mission drive strategy at the company?
Google’s mission focuses on organization information around the world and making it useful and acceptable. This mission has helped Google to drive its strategy by coming up with a search engine through which people are able to get all the information they require in the web. In so doing, Google is able to get profits especially when advertisers use the search engine as they pay per click.
2. Is Google’s stance towards internet search in China consistent with its mission?
Yes, I believe that the stance towards internet search in China is consistent with its mission. It meant information useful and acceptable for China. It developed a bullet point in the search engine page columns to denote information just as the China government did. However, it is also not consistent since it does not offer fairness and freedom to all. The government of China meant it difficult for Google to allow citizens access sensitive political matters.
3. Do you think that Google should have entered China and engaged in self-censorship, given the company’s long-standing mantra “Don’t be evil”? Is it better to engage in self-censorship than to have the government censor for you?
It might be insignificant although matters of language, cultural and religious differences that the Company has to come across would have resulted to misunderstanding. It would be better for Google to engage in self-censorship because the government would surpress and censor in uncertainty than Google itself. This means that the service providers would automatically become deteriorated and unserviceable.
4. If all foreign search engine companies declined to invest directly in China owing to concerns over censorship, what do you think the results would be? Who would benefit most from this action? Who would lose the most?
It foreign search engine company decline to enter the Chinese market, it will pave way for monopoly of the Chinese internet market. This is because if foreign companies are not involved then the domestic companies overrule the market. As a result, if foreign companies decline from investing their internet services in China, the biggest winner would be government because it would be able to keep monopoly of its information. On the other hand, the foreign companies and the people of China (customers) would be the big losers. The foreign companies would lose the profit benefit while the people will fail to get quality information.

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