Free Pedophilia: Meaning And Effects On Gender And Age Course Work Sample

Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:22
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- What did you learn about Pedophilia?

Pedophilia can be described as an abnormal sexual behavior of a human being. While the sexual attraction of an individual toward someone from the opposite or same sex is accepted and understandable, pedophilia is taken to be an abnormal form of sexual desire. People who are pedophilic have a sexual attraction toward minors who are not sexually developed. The minors are subjected to the sexual acts as the pedophilic person acts as an active partner or participant in the sexual act.

Pedophilia is an abnormal state of the human sexual desire, and there are no useful treatments that can nullify the desire of a person who is pedophilic in nature. Hence, the treatment revolves round the diminishing of sexual arousal of the pedophilic people around children, or increasing their ability to control the sexual urge. However, pedophilia is an unchangeable thing. The outcome of the treatment can be better when a pedophilic person is treated with medication and psychotherapy. Pedophilic people get involved in child abuse due to their sexual urges, and this is something the parents of children should be careful about.

- Considering both men and women, what do you believe the age of consent in today’s society should be and why?
When one is considering the proper age of consent in the present day society, it is of prime importance to understand that both the sexes should have the maturity to understand the possible consequences or the meaning of sexual relationship. Both the man and the woman should be adult, so that they can have the maturity and comprehensive capability. This can counter the indulgence in sexual acts during puberty by individuals of both the sexes. Thus, the age of eighteen is fine for consensual sex in the present society.


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