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Published: 2021-06-18 07:18:44
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My desire to become a physician began in childhood. I was the seventh of twelve children. When I was a child I witnessed the great admiration that my grandfather had for his doctor. It was this doctor who had diagnosed my grandfather’s heart condition and then treated and cared for him after his heart attack. My grandfather’s doctor was a compassionate man. This doctor was the man who first ignited in me the spark that would drive me to become a doctor, too. My five years in medical school were years filled with discovery. As I progressed in my program, I was drawn more and more to the field of Cardiology. Working with my patients, listening to their experiences, and hearing their feedback motivated me to continue my specialty training in Cardiology. Dr. Bertram J. Newman, M.D., an Associate Professor of Cardiology at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York gave me the advice, "Do what you love, love what you do." What I wanted to do was pursue a career in Cardiology, it is what I love, and I eventually want to become an Academic Cardiologist. There were many professors who inspired me to pursue Cardiology as my specialty. Working under Dr. Robert Levey, M.D., Chief of Internal Medicine, I observed how common cardiovascular diseases are in the modern world. I also observed how the disease has a viciously high mortality rate; I know that I could make great strides in research and educating cures and prevention. Other outstanding clinicians such as Dr. Lawrence Wolf, M.D., Associate Program Director of Internal Medicine at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn fostered in me a dedication to Cardiology.

The cutting-edge research by Dr. Emad Aziz further inspired me to become a researcher too, and to enter the field of Academic Cardiology. I worked furiously hard during medical school, but I still managed to enjoy all five years. Throughout my medical residency I acted as student and teacher; I presented abstracts, posters and case reports at many conferences. During my medical residency, I participated in a myriad of research projects, many of which were about Cardiology. In the ambulatory clinic, I gained experience with patients who needed to discuss not only their treatment options but also their social, financial, and emotional situations. My clinical rotations in Cardiology were inspiring. I had the opportunity to work with professors and physicians who gave unstintingly of their knowledge and time. I am well suited for career as an Academic Cardiologist not only because I am personally motivated but also because I have a keen eye for detail. As I mentioned, working with patients during my medical residency impressed upon me the importance of a good bedside manner; too often, we have to impart difficult news and it is important to keep patient morale as high as possible.

I am very enthusiastic about receiving a Fellowship from your institution because I know that it will offer me a pathway to clinical and research experiences. I like to be productive and I like to feel a sense of accomplishment so I need a Fellowship that will take advantage of my work ethic. I have often been complimented on my ability to work well with others. I want to be a part of a program like yours, that provides opportunities for meaningful research and the additional training I need to become a successful Academic Cardiologist. Your program will provide me with the clinical, teaching, and research skills I need. I know that after my Fellowship tenure at your institution I will be able to make valuable contributions to the field of Cardiology and the extended scientific community. I hope that you will consider me as a Fellowship Candidate because I know that I would excel at your institution because I am deeply committed to excellence in the profession.

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