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Published: 2021-06-18 05:20:31
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Petrol direct is a site that talks about low cost, innovative fuels including petrol, biofuels, diesel, and specialist fuels. It is a site that informs people about how they can now access fuel on line, without having to go to the gas stations, and paying higher prices for fuel. ( claims that one is now able to access cheaper fuel via the internet, in the United Kingdom. It goes ahead to explain that their fuels are cheaper, because they are sourced from other countries in the European Union that have lower tax rates than the United Kingdom.
The site Petrol direct, (, claims that it is the only fuel retailer which can be found on the internet, by only making orders on-line. Their services include delivery and direct shipping, which help the customer avoid too much hassle and too much expenditure. They also offer many different kinds of fuel which are hard to find in the United Kingdom, and are friendly to the engines of the vehicles. And most importantly, they give guarantees that the fuels they provide will not in any way harm the vehicle engines. Most recent common ancestor was helpful in understanding the material better. This is because it made it easier to go through the material without any hardships. The only problem is that the information presented on the site cannot be ascertained whether it is credible or not. The reader gets mixed reactions because it is not easy to believe what is true about imported fuel, and how safe it is to order for fuel online. The readers will also not be convinced that the imported fuel is better that the ones they are used to.
Pets or food
The next site is about pets or food. It is a company that deals with producing high quality healthy, organic animals, at lower prices. The animals range from pets to animals that can be used as food. They claim that they make deliveries at retail prices and that they are certified. It is a very interesting site because it deals with animals that can be either kept or made for food. (, goes on to assure clients that their animals are raised in protected areas that are hormone free and also pesticide free. This information is so crucial because often time’s animals are genetically modified and contain a lot of unwanted chemicals.
( is a site that has been designed for pet lovers and for people who are interested in finding organic foods. It helps that there is a word from the chief executive officer of the company and also a guarantee that the products meet the required standards according to the California’s organic foods requirements. This makes it easy to be credible and also to gain trust and acceptance from the prospective buyers. This is because it is easier to obtain proof of the claim. The fact also that they offer free shipping makes it enticing because people would rather things be delivered at their door steps without paying a dime for it. Most recent common ancestor was very helpful in this site because it made it easier to get the required information and all the most necessary information that would be helpful to an interested party. It was also easy because it was easy to know whether the site was credible or not. It also showed that the site can be relied on.
With the help of MRCA, it was very easy to retrieve information from pets or food. One is able to interact directly with the company, and get access to all the desired information. It also helped in getting to understand everything much better. Even if the name of the site could be a little confusing, it would not take anyone long to find out the real meaning of the name. The site is quite straight forward and all the information and material that one needs to know can be found easily. All thanks to MRCA, this makes it easier to get such useful information.
Save the rennets
Save the rennets is a website that has been built for the campaign against unnecessary slaughter and torture of the rennets. According to (Jamie), Rennets are tiny rodents which resemble hamsters. The site claims that the animals are used for the manufacture of cheese, and that they are factory bred. It further says that the animals are slaughtered by being dropped in to hot water, and their skin removed. Afterwards, they are crushed using mincing machines, and packaged, ready for shipment to interested cheese makers. The site says that the only way to stop the animosity towards the rennets is by turning to vegetarian cheese which does not require animal’s products.
Most recent common ancestor made it easier to understand the material. But the problem is that it did not help in ascertaining its credibility and reliability (Jamie). It was hard to verify the sources of the material and if the help they are referring to is true and if it is reliable. Furthermore, not many people know the facts that the site tries to explain and it would not be easy to believe such information. But it was very easy to get all the information that anyone would wish to get access to. MRCA was very instrumental in making it easy to collect the information.
Save the guinea worm
Save the guinea worm foundation is a site dedicated to saving the guinea worm from extinction. (Seven Deadly Sins). The worm which is on the brink of extinction is said to be facing even more danger, as human beings do not like it at all. This is because of its destructive nature. The site even claims that man would like to see the worm completely extinct from this world, in order to evade all the problems that are caused by the worm. Even though there is an increase in the number of environmentalists and preservationists, there is no one who has stood up for the guinea worm. This makes the matters even worse for the poor worm.
The guinea worm is no angel. It is a parasite that depends on human beings for survival. In doing so, it causes a lot of discomfort to the person. That is why man does not like it at all. The site campaigns for the preservation of the parasite (Seven Deadly Sins). It goes ahead to explain how major governmental and non-governmental bodies, including the United Nations, United States Agency for International Development, World Health Organization, Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and even the Gates Foundation, are ganging up against the worm. The site tries to sympathize with the worm and even gives directions on how to contribute to its protection.
Although MRCA was helpful in getting the material from the site, what was not certain is the credibility of the site (Seven Deadly Sins). This is given also by the fact that the Guinea worm is generally known for its parasitic nature. Not any people would be in support for its existence. This is because it is a parasite, it is like a disease to human beings, and it causes sickness. Therefore, no one would be willing to support the parasite. This site cannot be said to be reliable, as it sympathizes with an animal that is of no help to human beings.
Save the Guinea worm, does not give a clear picture of the worm. Anyone who does not have prior knowledge of the worm would be fooled into thinking that it is just a worm like any other. But the truth is that the worm is not liked at all, and no one would like to play host to it. (Seven Deadly Sins) also gives information quoting the big concerned agencies, saying that they want to destroy the worm. This would be very confusing as well, because the environmentalists always only want the best for all the living animals, as long as they do not interfere with human beings, in a way that cannot be controlled. The site then goes ahead to give ways in which one can contribute to the preservation of the worm. This site cannot be said to be clear, and neither does it show that it is credible. MRCA was very helpful in determining all these, and making sure that all the information does not mislead.
In conclusion, after going through the four sites that were suggested, it is clear that with the help of the most recent common ancestor, it was easy to get the information, check whether it is clear or not. It also helped to find out whether the information can be trusted or not. It can then be said that MRCA analysis is a method that can be used in getting information from a site in an easy and fast way. It also helps to understand the information much better, and in a clear manner, showing whether it is credible and reliable.
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