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Published: 2021-06-18 07:18:44
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When I show an ordinary box to someone and ask her the question what do you see. I may get the simple answer it’s a box. But if you show me the same box and ask the same query, I would say I see a canvas. A material I could use to express my ideas and share to the world in the future. I would often define myself as a visionary who likes to see pass the status quo in society. I feel that the world has more to offer than what are currently seen in society. I believe in the power of marketing and its ability to influence the choices people make. It can manipulate the way people see a brand or product. Marketing is no different from communication because it sends messages to people.

I would like to harness the potentiality of marketing through the use of my ideologies to change the landscape of the market. I want to change the perception of people that marketing is nothing more than an expensive way to lie to people. Yes, some products tend to over-do their advertisement and marketing campaigns by giving out empty promises to the public. But I want to change that practice. I know that marketing is not about giving out empty hopes and false information but it should be an aid towards making right choices. When people market products they give people the opportunity to choose which product they would purchase. Marketing also create a healthy competition in the global market because it makes people aware that there are more than one product or brand that can offer the service.

The main purpose of why I selected marketing as my major came from the desire to turn my visions into a reality in the future. I want to reach new heights with my ideas. I also want to contribute towards the changing of the landscape of marketing in society. As a person I define myself as someone with many dimensions. I can easily get along with others because of my outgoing personality. I can communicate and share my ideas well. I believe that these personal attributes are my main assets as I embark towards this career choice of taking Business Marketing. I would offer the university and the program my brand of optimism and enthusiasm towards learning. I am willing to engage myself in different activities that would contribute to not only my professional growth but also personal development. I have harnessed my skills and values as person because of my encounters with people who share the same love towards marketing. I can offer my out-the-box thinking that is vital in the field. I like to look pass what is presented and see more out of things. I wish to venture in a program that would not only provide fundamental knowledge but also practical applications of theories.

Going back to the question earlier, about the box, it is a canvas that would someday bear my identity as a person. I would integrate within it my creativity and visionary thinking. I am keen on harnessing my professional potentiality under the program. In the future, I wish to become a positive instrument in society that will help in the improvement of the quality of life with the help of my expertise. The market is truly my canvas in the world.

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