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Published: 2021-06-18 06:46:46
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A quilt is traditional blanket made up of three layers. Quilting is the process of joining at least two fabric layers by stitches. Trifle refers to something that is not of a high value or rather something of little value. According to the plot of Trifles, Mrs. Hale discovered that Mrs. Wright must have been piercing a quilt. It was said to be pretty but as she was examining it she noticed that there was a part that seemed all out of place (780). This implied that when Mrs. Wright began sawing it, she was fine but during the process something started disturbing her. Was she that angry that she could no longer concentrate on sewing her quilt? No one was aware if she was to knot or not. Comparing this process of making the quilt we can see that no one is sure how Mr. John had died. His wife was beside him during this period, and she did not hear what was happening. In addition, nobody could come up with an explanation on how this was possible. Mrs. Hale and Mrs. Peters said that Mrs. Wright wanted to knot it yet no one had told them that. Mrs. Wright has said that she was sound asleep and, therefore, could hear nothing. All the answers given were uncertain. In the plot of Trifles, there are many cases of uncertainty and anger that are observed. When Mrs. Hale and Peters messed up with the quilt, they had interfered with the evidence that would have helped in the investigation. Therefore, this meant that more time would be taken to find out what had happened.

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