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Published: 2021-06-18 06:11:56
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Proposing Views
The topic on the Patriotic Act of the USA remains a controversial topic that has generated varied opinions. Nonetheless, those in support of this Act have devised varied arguments including the fact that this Act provides an ample platform that can guarantee obstruction and interception of terrorism. This can be attributed to the fact that the Patriotic Act streamlines firms that can allow for investigation and surveillance of terror related activities. In addition, the Patriotic Act removes a number barriers, which may face law enforcers during cases when they are surveying and investigating a suspected terrorist. On another note, the Patriotic Act has received support because it provides increased funding for victims of terror attacks (Smith 39).
Opposing Views
There are various notions that have been developed by those opposed to the Patriotic Act. More importantly, the Act is opposed because it has not been of essence in containing terrorism. In addition, the patriotic act has and continues to be condemned because it has increased cases where innocent citizens are detained without legal security, which are guaranteed to every citizen by the constitution. Finally, the Patriotic Act is flawed because of the fact that some of its provisions are notorious. As an example Title II as one of this Act’s provision permits exceptional tracking of various personal records, which infringes on the privacy of the United States citizens (Smith 64).
Personal Opinion
Despite the notions raised by those opposed to the Patriotic Act, I am of the opinion that this Act is beneficial. This is because of the fact that terrorism remains an eminent problem, not only in the United States, but all over the world. Therefore, this Act is of much essence in that since its enactment a significant proportion of terror suspect; close to 395 have been accused of terrorism, whereby close to 212 have been imprisoned (Smith 102). This shows that the Act is critical in the fight against terrorism.
Work Cited
Smith, Cary. The Patriotic Act: Issues and Controversies. Sydney: Charles C Thomas Publishers, 2009. Print.

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