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Published: 2021-06-18 05:19:43
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Question 1
Amazon has the benefit of eliminating overhead as well as carrying hefty quantities of inventory because it usually orders these books from it distributors. The company has grown to emerge as one of the largest retailing online companies as well as the largest e-commerce retailer globally. It avails goods such as books, clothing, toys, and electronics at competitive prices. Additionally, Amazon usually spends much of the earned cash in building more satisfying centers in order to accommodate more data and technology offerings. Walmart is among the largest e-commerce retailer on the internet, which provides Amazon with stiff competition. Walmart has a very powerful brand because it seen as lower-price retailer; hence it is flexible in offering lower prices to the customer. eBay is considered as the most successful online retailer and the most successful internet auction entity. Moreover, it is the gigantic electronic business in the marketplace as it hosts over 1000 storefronts globally. It offers a wide range of products and goods through its recognizable website. The business is trying to accommodate the e-commerce on its Web as many entities are trying to update their performance (Friedman & 2007).
Question 2
eBay is the strongest e-commerce business model since it has high successful brands in the online retailing. It has a vast network, which is dedicated for the sellers and buyers such as approximately 100 million active auction users. This influence people to shop online through this platform created. It has also acquired the GSI commerce, which was once an online company; hence it manages the Web sites and the online marketing for over 180 top brands. eBay further acquired Zong Inc. with the aim of allowing all its users to charge all online purchases simply to their mobile phone bills.
Question 3
I strongly believe that eBay will eventually emerge to have the strongest retail e-commerce expansion in the future due to its acquisition of several entities such as GSI and Zong which allows it to provide quality services to all the users. These services include stocking, shipping, processing returns, merchandise and even smooth payment especially through the mobile phone in PayPal (Tapscott, Lowy & Ticoll, 2000).
Friedman, T. L., & (Firm). (2007). The world is flat: A brief history of the twenty-first century. New York: Picador/Farrar, Straus and Giroux.
Tapscott, D., Lowy, A., & Ticoll, D. (2000). Digital capital: Harnessing the power of business webs. Boston: Harvard Business School Press.

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