Full Body Scanners And Big Fences: Argumentative Essay Course Work Samples

Published: 2021-06-18 06:09:58
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Full Body Scanners

Insecurity remains as one of the pertinent concerns in the context of American and the world at large. In the recent past Homeland Security alongside Transport Security Administration launched an initiative aligned with using full body scans as a means of detecting any security threatening materials that passengers might aim at smuggling. Notably, the use of full body scans presents with its advantages and disadvantages. One of the most comprehensive advantages of using fully body scans aligns with the fact that it reduces incidences whereby an individual smuggles dangerous material, which might pose danger to dozens of innocent citizens.

However, the use of full body scanners is disadvantageous in that it exposes populations to radiations whose health effects are severe (Young, 2010). It is on this basis that the use of full body scanners should be repealed. The main reason as to why the use of full body scanners should be dealt away with is the fact that there are other safe ways that can be utilized to prevent smuggling of dangerous materials. In addition, there is evidence that indicate that the full body scanners that are being used has not been tested to ascertain the safety of their use. In a nutshell, the dangers posed by full body scanners are uncalled for; hence, the need to do away with them.

Big Fences

Construction of a big fence in the Southern boarder remains a controversial topic that has generated an intense debate across different contexts in the United States. Based on a personal I thought, I oppose the creation of big fences with the notion that it will curb entry of illegal immigrants into the United States. The main reason as to why I oppose the creation of a big fence aligns with the fact that there are other means used by illegal immigrants to enter into the United States.

Precisely, a significant proportion of illegal immigrants from the South use underground tunnels. As such, the creation of big fences will not address the influx of illegal immigrants entering the United States using underground tunnels. Conclusively, creating fences is useless since illegal immigrants will just dig tunnels under a big fences. Apart from being inefficient, a big fence is costly, yet they do not address the issue of illegal immigration. (Archibold, 2008).This analysis justifies the notion that big fences should not be constructed in the Southern border.


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