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Published: 2021-06-18 05:20:03
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Thermodynamic equilibrium has a significant role to play in the reaction networks related to systems biology, chemistry, and earth science systems. Despite the wide significance, the general reaction properties of thermodynamics are rarely understood, leading to lots of misconceptions about the data. The connection between thermodynamics and network theory has been presented for several decades. This journal article attempts to bridge the gap presented by early researchers in linking thermodynamics and network theory. This study by Fischer, Kleidon and Dittrich is meant to generate the artificial reaction networks in investigating their non-equilibrium steady state of the various boundary fluxes. The authors base their study on the assumption that the random network is able to transform the two boundaries of species into each other, a condition that is not always possible in real reaction networks. This study generates a random linear and non-linear reaction network before simulating such networks to thermodynamically constrained steady cycle (Fischer, Kleidon & Dittrich 12). The researchers succeeded in formulating a clear difference between the linear and the non-linear networks with no qualitative differences between the distributions of the entropy production rate for different complex. The study succeeds in simulating the random reaction networks under thermodynamic constraints in providing insight into how energy is dissipated in a complex reaction network that is based on the thermodynamic disequilibrium.
The contrasts between the thermodynamic response systems of different topologies are more maintained than in different properties explored. Fischer, Kleidon and Dittrich found that a more noteworthy disequilibrium in non-straight response systems connected with a more firmly coupled system than a less firmly coupled system (11). Then again, the researchers watched that a more noteworthy stream prompts a smaller dispersion of substance properties and a smaller circulation of concoction properties. This is because of the increment in framework multifaceted nature that outcomes from a higher thermodynamic disequilibrium. The application of this study is in the thermodynamic comprehension of response models in earth framework examinations, origins of life, and biology.
Work Cited
Fischer, Jakob., Kleidon, Axel, & Dittrich, Peter. Thermodynamics of Random Reaction Networks. PLoS ONE. 2015, Vol. 10 Issue 2, p1-16.

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