Good Book Review About Racial Stereotypes

Published: 2021-06-18 05:27:33
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Book review (The Quiet American Dream)
Ethnic Stereotypes: Americans vs. Europeans.
Greene in his Quiet American Dream is vivid about the disparity between the Americans and the British in terms of their conduct. In this case, Pyle is one character that is used by Greene to establish the unruly conduct of the Americans. They are expressed to be untimely. That is; they are not time observant. On the other hand, they are different from the British people who are stern and concerned about what they do. For instance, Fowler, who represents the British, states that he, is not willing to wait upon a policeman to come his way. It expresses the character of caution that is clear among the British against that which is among the Americans.
Greene, in his Quiet American Dream, expresses some stereotype characterization between the women in terms of their origin with reference to their ethnic origin. Phuong is cited as a focused and intelligent woman. Besides her character as a decisively beautiful woman with all features that would lead someone to commit a crime, she was growing to be one of the most difficult women to consider in infidelity. She represents her ethnic related women who are not easy to interfere. On the other hand, we have Miss Hei. She is talkative despite the fact that she is thought to be beautiful. This indicates a strategically great difference between the two. She is easy to convince hence taking the route of the devil in her character.
Pyle risks his life to do tell Fowler that he loves Phuong
Ideally, Phuong is very honest to Pyle that she loves Fowler. In this case, she plays the role of an honest woman. The act of Pyle telling Fowler that he loves his girlfriend indicates a sense of wickedness in him. First, he does not even love her. He aims at taking her to bed. On the other side, he intends to make Fowler feel at ease with his fiancé. This creates an impression of carelessness in the Americans.
Does Fowler love Phuong?
Deeper analysis according to Greene in the Quiet American context is very precise about the communication that is initiated between Pyle and Fowler. First, it is important to note that Fowler is a hypocrite and that he does not love Phuong. This is very discouraging with respect to how she protects her love for Fowler. In a conversation between Fowler and Pyle, he indicates that he knows that both of them have an interest for her. However, he indicates that he is just interested in her body and that Pyle had the freedom to cater for the rest of her interests.
The Ending
Ideally, love crisis could have been thought to rhyme with one of the most influential in the death of Pyle. However, he is also deemed to be related to the Vietnamese woman meaning that he it is feasible for him to die as a result of jealousy. First, he is killed because of jealousy. Ideally, there are some cases that are related to some of the people who have poor contact resume. In that connection, he is perceived to have been murdered for some correspondence for making dangerous passes that are not friendly. His relationship with the Vietnamese created a wanting situation which leads to the proposition that he is murdered by them.
Analyze Fowler's decision as an existential decision and Quiet American as an Existentialist novel
According to the book by Greene in the existentialism, Fowler who is the protagonist in the context is much opposed to the fact that there exists the necessity for existentialism. Ideally, fowler diffusion into existentialism is discouraged by his state of confusion on whether to be part of it or not. The book the Quiet American Dream revolves around the protagonist's dilemma to involve herself in the love with Phuong. Most of the chances that are identified amongst the characters in the book have a tendency to avoid the element of existentialism despite the fact that Greene does not incorporate existentialism.
The head notes to the novel are poems by Arthur Clough and Lord Byron. Explain their relevance to the Quiet American.
According to the two poems that are indicated to book, the Quiet American Dream is composed of scenes that show fear and situations that show character's proneness to danger. The two header poems are analytical about the themes. It shows the summary of the event that is related to responsibility for the action that one involves himself or herself. For instance, the phrase in the poem header that implies that we are prone to this thing that are in line with our duty, is one of the symbolic statements that show the congruence of the two poem headers.
Edward Palm's analysis of Quiet American (in Readings in 3681)
Edward palm has a better analysis of the book Quiet American Dream in the since he is one of the retired Marine officers with ample knowledge to comprehend the theme outlay by Greene. He related and compared the book with related literature references that discuss the theme of racism and ethnicity besides the existentialism. Ideally, he relates the quiet American dream with the Chinua Achebe Heart of Darkness. Palmer discusses the fact that both Greene and Achebe conducted a literature related impression of psychological malaise that is illustrated by the impact of existentialism and racism altogether.

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