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Published: 2021-06-18 05:27:33
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Book Review - Secrets of Power Negotiating: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator

The book’s name is Secrets of Power Negotiating: Inside Secrets from a Master Negotiator. It was written by Roger Dawson. The book serves as a guide on “How to” negotiate. Dawson has provided with a set of criteria that makes a negotiation successful and guidelines on how to achieve it. This paper provides a book review of the book, focusing on the five main ideas presented by the books in different chapters.

One of the foremost ideas presented by Dawson is “Never say yes to the first offer”. The author discusses this idea in the first chapter. This chapter provides the understanding of how one should say yes to the first offer which is automatically the trigger to two thoughts in other persons mind. It is identified that the chapter discusses about the business which shows that offering the car can make a super-low offer of $8000 in order to observe the reaction. It is identified that regular supplier may let anyone down that need to make an emergency buy from the new company. This means the company can supply in thirty days what one need to prevent the shutdown of the assembly line. It is also examined that how one could do better in a land purchase. This means that seller may ask for $185,000 for the land which can be analyzed by looking at the property. It can be said that one can ask the real estate agent to present the offer to the seller at $115,050.

This chapter also illustrates about the second reaction that the seller of the first car agree to sell the car in the first offer which means there was something that went wrong. It is identified that the first offer can be tough when the person used to call the person for months and about to give up through with the proposal. According to the author, it is identified that one should say yes to the first offer which would be helpful to them. On the other hand, it can be said that one should never say yes to the first offer as it automatically triggers two thoughts of the person.

Another idea presented by the book is to “Flinch at proposals”, discussed in the second chapter. It says that the negotiators that must always flinch and react with surprise at another side of the proposals. This demonstrates that one should know who never flinch due to his dignity. This means person would respond and should have a heart attack in the background. This sound ridiculous and dumb but there is a truth when people make a proposal when they usually want to watch other people’s reaction. On the other hand, it demonstrates about the sellers, buyers and referees. It is recognized that referees are very interesting as they have been planning the sessions for both sellers and buyers. It can be said that referees have each side of negotiating range as they know what the opening offer is going to be and how they can be familiar for the each side they want to go.
This chapter identifies that people are visual as they see the impact on what they hear. This chapter also demonstrates the knowledge of flinch in reaction from the other side of the proposal whereas concession often follows a flinch which makes another person a tougher negotiator.

In addition, the book also presents another important technique of negotiation called “avoid confrontational negotiation”, discussed in chapter three. This chapter illustrates about the confrontational negotiation which often discusses about the climate of the negotiation. It is recognized that person can quickly get a feel for what they are working at a win to win solution. It is identified that negotiating contracts for the salary is something that covers the Secrets of Power salary negotiating. It can be said that the chapter gives the insight of the experience that has explained some of the remarkable similarities among the work. Conversely, it is identified that another thing which is explained as feel, found, felt provide the knowledge of thinking out of the box. This chapter provides the significance of the people in the early stages of the cooperation that generates hostility. It can be said that people use the found, felt and feel formula to try the aggression to them. On the other hand, they think about the feel, found and felt when the other side throws some unforeseen aggression on their way. This chapter tells about the selling that one should have the understanding of selling in the price. He should have the personal stake in giving the wrong instead of feeling exactly about how he felt.

It can be said that people feel the same as they do as they have been looking for immediate apparent. The chapter declares that salesperson who is getting an appointment must say to the buyer that they have no time to waste talking to the lying scum-sucking individual. It is identified that people have felt the same way. Conversely, it is recognized that they have provided the time to recover them from their composure in order to know what exactly they want to say. This chapter illustrates the understanding of buyers and salesperson which also gives the insight of the companies that deals with innovative inventories.

The Chapter four of the book presents another negotiation technique called “The reluctant seller and the reluctant buyer”. This chapter provides the understanding of the reluctant buyer and seller. The scenario in this chapter focuses on the techniques of the negotiation and observes the reluctant seller and buyer that have moved beyond their high point of negotiating range. This chapter illustrates that reluctant seller techniques should be developed by negotiation so that one can get a good job and formed the range of its own mind. It can be said that the negotiating range is from $20,000 to $30,000 which demonstrate that it may offer person with the amount of $40,000. It can be said that person who converse with the reluctant seller can move towards the high point of negotiating range as the negotiation is observed as an extremely powerful and rich investor. It can be said that it is good for the person to bring an offer for another person in all fairness. This would require the waste of time but in the very best price that one can feel they could provide the best offer.

Further, this chapter demonstrates that when one person feels desperate they should play reluctant seller. It should be noted that person should always have list of the property with an agent when they are about to sell something to the other person. Moreover, this chapter also provides the insight of the power negotiators that play reluctant seller even before the negotiation begins. This means that power negotiators squeezes the other side of the negotiating range. For instance, one of the instances in the chapter illustrates that when purchasing new equipment for the organization, salesperson must provide the lowest possible price for it. It could be possibly the thing that one should appreciate all the time. The person should determine the expression of the sales person in order to know the package of their representation materials. This means one should know that it is exactly the right moment that one must predict for the response of the other person. This means the response of the other person must be amazing that is the other person would agree it too.

The Chapter five of the book presents another technique called “Use the Vise Technique”. This chapter provides the insight of the vise techniques which is considered as the effective negotiating Gambit. This gives the understanding of the little expression that one has to do better than other person. This demonstrates that the purchaser should listen to the proposal and the pricing structure. It is identified that people can ignore their insistence as they are happy with their current supplier in order to construct their desire of the product. This means experienced salesperson can break the impasse by scrawling decision. In the perspective of the chapter, it shows that if one gets the other side to concede $10 they would easily make money only at the rate of 20$. On the other hand, negotiating with someone could hang in a little bit longer that would make $50 within an hour. This chapter also provides the understanding of negotiating someone when dealing with other person. This means negotiating dollar is considered or measured as the bottom-line dollar.

Furthermore, this chapter demonstrates about the counter-personal or proposal with Vise technique that focuses on the statement that one should have better than that. On the other hand, it is identified that counter Gambit is also taken into consideration which exactly discusses how much better than that one has to do. This means an individual usually pin another person down to the particular. Concerning about the counter Gambit, this chapter has demonstrated the insight of the dollar that is being negotiated by the gross amount of sale. It has also explained that the time is worth on an hourly basis. This means one can make money faster when they are negotiating.

In conclusion, the book has raised various interesting points about the negotiation techniques. In my opinion, these techniques can be effective while negotiating, but they are not hard and fast rules. While it can be a good way to negotiate while you are new, the art of negotiating is developed with experience and cannot be taught. However, some of the techniques mentioned in the book might be useful while generally dealing with people. In personal life, I have used a few of these techniques except for reluctant buyer and seller one.

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