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Published: 2021-06-18 06:12:05
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It is unethical to use a scientific method to take out brain cells from a living subject. Notably, it is clear that this may have future implications on the subject that gets there brain cells removed out of their brain system. The brain is the center of control of the human functions, the process of this scientific experiment demeans the essence of creations. The brain is a special part of the body that requires careful attention in order to preserve human dignity. A living human being should not have their brain tampered with. However, this can be done on a lifeless human being, as there are no prospects of using the brain again.

When the subject is living, removing brain cells will first involve providing medication or treatment that stops most of the functions of the body. This demeans the importance of life for the subject. Regardless of whether the subject is a human or any other animal, this experiment demeans the essence of ethical practices in scientific experiments. Notably, the risks involves are great. There is a possibility of permanent damage of the brain, which would cripple the ability of the subject to utilize the brain appropriately.

Based on this it is clear that it is needless to stop the functioning of the body of the subject in order to carry out an experiment on the brain. As such, scientific researchers should consider the ethicality associated with this kind of an experiment and do away with it. The researchers can alternatively consider removing the brain cells from the subject once it is lifeless. This would be a better way of preserving ethical considerations in scientific research methods.

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