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Published: 2021-06-18 06:11:29
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Question one

Adaptability to cultural changes
Brazilian culture varies very much with the American culture; this means that one will have a lot of challenges to adapt to a new culture. It sometimes doesn’t look welcoming and needs openness and ability to relate to people outside the workplace. In any case, someone was to be chosen to work or posted to Brazil, and then the person should poses openness characteristics and is ready to adapt to the Brazilian culture as soon as possible.

Physical and emotional health

Brazil is in the tropics hence challenges of the tropical diseases. Any expatriate who is willing to work in Brazil should be good in health and have no records of tropical diseases. Good health and good emotions are important for such a person. Any person who has physical body challenges such as disability will never find Brazil as a good place due to the bad terrain. Before posting, therefore, the physical disability of a person should be considered.

Age, experience and education

Younger managers will be the best fit for hiring to Brazil. The Brazilian culture is a demanding one which needs curious people who are worldly and will ever want to explore in life. A degree is an enough academic level to post a manager to Brazil. Considering the education standards of America and that of Brazil, a person who has a degree in America will stand a better chance to prosper in an oversee post in Brazil. Experience is not a mandatory requirement to oversee the post to Brazil since the country is easy to understand, and one can learn more about it through the internet.

Spouse and dependent or work-family issue

Unmarried spouses are the most preferred to post to Brazil. In most cases, the families of a person posted normally don’t feel comfortable hence a person can perform poorly. To avoid poor performance a mutual agreement with the family should be considered and in this case, the willingness of the family should be considered. A person who has good family relations in the Brazilian case will be the most favorable. Good family ties and relations will make one to feel comfortable even while far in Brazil.

Question two

Brazil is a country that is technology driven and advanced in the IT sector. Before posting anyone to Brazil, it will be wise to emphasize on the technological area since it is an important requirement for managers in Brazil. The application of technology in almost all managerial sectors in Brazil can pose a challenge to someone posted to Brazil and don’t have the required knowledge in technology.
Time in Brazil is linear, and most of the companies view time and timing of the event as very important for the functioning of the company. Punctuality and time conservation will be an important topic of discussion while training someone to be posted to Brazil. Time conservation will make one not to be late for work and perform poorly.

Teamwork is the motto of most of the Brazilian companies. US-based managers should be trained on team work and on how they can work closely with the workmates. Teamwork will help someone to learn the Brazilian people fast and to learn their culture fast. Such persons will adapt to the Brazilian environment fast giving a better quality of work.
Patriotism and love for one’s country forms an important part of any managerial training for anyone who is going to be posted to Brazil. The country is a beautiful country that is full of fun and good people. An American manager can fall in love with the country and fail to come back to America on completion of the assignment. Therefore, one should have an idea that he or she is still an American even when in another country.

Question three

Adaptability to cultural changes
Changing to another culture and adapting to such cultures in less than three years in not easy. The selection criteria of how one can adapt to the cultural changes will make me not want to take an oversea assignment. The differences in the culture of the people all over the world will be challenging. With most of my life being an American, it will be very difficult to adapt to the African culture. Apart from fear that I may not adapt to the new culture, there are also fear that I might lose the American culture which I love. Adapting to the environment of an oversea country also sends shocks of shivers down my spine. It will be very difficult to adapt to a new environment more so the tropics.

Spouse and dependent or work-family issue

Moving away from my family has been a challenge. These selection characteristics will not make me a favorable fit since my family is never willing to move away from me. Spouse relationship and a mutual agreement with the spouse will make me not want any oversee assignment. Oversea assignment are demanding and means that someone will be away from his or her family for a period of years. The assignment will separate me from the family and might lead to a poor relationship with the family more so the married partners.

Works cited

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