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Published: 2021-06-18 06:11:56
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Dear Mr. Jones:
After the last board meeting, I noticed some key issues that required attention about the women boutique. The sales have been decreasing as customers are not being fully satisfied. I have been studying the competitors’ strategic approaches in the last six months and have become aware of the many issues inherent in our approach that are hindering the growth of the boutique.

Since the recovery from the Great Recession, there has been a rising trend of women participation in the workforce all across the country. Fashion has become a requirement for all. Women dominate the population of the country and have more influential position in the retail market also. They are balancing their work and personal life that reduces the time for shopping, and so, the women prefer finding a single place for their personal needs. All these problems turn into a golden opportunity for the business if we avail it.


I propose that the R&D department for Grand Forte Clothing, studies the problems related to the customer service in the boutique. The boutique must contain a complete assortment and give advice according to the customer’s personalities. Fashion experts need to be hired for the boutique who would help the customers and ensure an excellent customer service. After conducting an in-depth analysis and the trends of the fashion industry, we shall submit a detailed report containing the proposed plan along with the modified strategies of the company.


It has been identified through research that the women have a unique approach towards retail shopping as they tend to evaluate the product as well as the company information both. In contrast to the men, the women have a tendency to build more quick associations with the brand. A boutique must offer a physical setting where the customer’ needs are fully satisfied. The targeted customers are professional women who have limited time available.


In order to formulate the recommended solution for the boutique, the procedure would include the following steps and take around eight weeks.
I shall keenly observe the daily practices at the boutique. This would also include talking to the clients and especially reading their facial expressions.

Step Two:

After identifying the problem areas at the boutique, I will conduct an extensive research from credible sources to come up with the appropriate solutions that have been earlier used.

Step Three:

In order to propose a feasible solution, I would also take into consideration the ideas and the experiences of the staff present at the boutique. Along with this, the views of the marketing team shall also be considered as they have knowledge of the industry trends.

Step Four:

I shall compile my recommendations in the report and submit a report to you in a week.


The Research & Development department shall conduct this research and save money that could be wasted by hiring an external agency. Further the money being wasted on poorly planned elements shall be saved as new and effective strategies shall be formulated. A team of consultants shall be assigned from within the company, and no extra expense shall incur.

Personnel and Qualifications

I and my team possess all the skills and competencies to serve the company; I believe my staff is qualified enough to tackle this situation in an effective manner. All the individuals are equally qualified and have been working in association with the marketing department for the company’s overall growth.

I along with my department have served the company for more than a decade, and I realize that the environmental factors are pressurizing the company. The competitive forces along with the rise in consumer awareness have increased the pressure on the boutique business. Due to the increasing trend of boutique visitations, the need to enhance customer service has increased. I hope that this proposal shall be considered seriously, and you shall accept it.

Thank You.

George McKay Manager R&D Grand Forte Clothing.

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