Good Disease And Heart Surgery In Children In 2012 Course Work Example

Published: 2021-06-18 06:13:12
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The summary of the data acquired has been done by the use of a scatter graph and a bar graph.

Bar graph
Scatter diagram
Series represent the various variables 1 to11
The numbers on the x axis represent the 12 months of the year
The value on the z axis represent the total number of beds available in the said month

1 represents occupied bed %
2 represents the total % of vacant beds
3 represents the constant % of vacant beds
The scale on the Y axis on the above histogram has been adjusted to show clearly the positive relationship between the number of occupied beds and the daily average of services. The figures read as divided by ten. An increase in the figures of bed occupancy leads to a subsequent increase of services provided at the hospital.

In Summary, as displayed in the above charts

February has the least number of available beds all year round at 1073 beds. December and June record the highest and lowest number of beds occupied by patients, at 851 and 618 beds respectively. December also has the highest percentage of occupied beds at 74.1%. October recorded the highest rates of bed occupancy, with an average figure of 91.8.
The average number of residents in the hospital is at its lowest in July at an average figure of 8.1 but is increased and peaks in August, at an average of 14.4 residents.

The total % vacancy is highest in June (44.4%). This is consistent with the month having the lowest vacant beds. The opposite is true for December which has the lowest total % vacancy at 25.8% and least periods between bed occupancies at an average figure of 3.6.
The daily average of services is seen to be highest in December at 27.4%, considering the month recorded the highest number of occupied beds in the year, and lowest in March at 21%. The daily admission average is highest in January and November, each recording an average of 3 new admissions of disease and heart surgery in children while the figure is lowest in August at an average of 1.8 admissions.
The data also indicates a strong positive correlation between the number of occupied beds and the daily average of services provided at the hospital where the higher the number of patients admitted at the hospital the higher the number of services provided.

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