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Published: 2021-06-18 05:11:14
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Disneyland theme parks in business all over the world are a dream holiday destination not only for kids but for adults as well. The park a dream world where people often go to forget their problems and get lost with their favourite cartoon characters. The huge castle gateways seem to come straight out of the beautifully illustrated story books that people read when they are children. Walt Disney opened up the first Disneyland on July 17, 1955 in which he built a unique destination based on immersive experiences and the mere act of storytelling, thereby causing a paradigm-shift in family entertainment as a business. More than six decades later, Walt Disney theme parks and resorts have spread across the world and has become one of the world's largest providers of family leisure and travel. Disneyland Parks have been built in the United States Paris, Hong Kong, Tokyo and Shanghai, and they continue to attract millions of tourists worldwide each year. Special attention is paid to “glocalise” the parks considering the traditions and culture of the home country. The process through which investors and owners of Disney Parks has been an oscillating and often turbulent one, as various issues have arisen ranging from ticketing prices to items on the food menus that have taught important lessons. Disney Land parks are the ideal place for family entertainment and leisure, as children are not only wildly entertained but also adults can escape the mundane tasks and obligations they face on a daily basis and enjoy reliving their childhoods. Walt Disney has remained at the top of family entertainment due to business savvy, ingenuity, and the popularity of the Disney franchise in the movie and television industry. Disneyland and related theme parks in the United States have emerged as barometers by which other theme parks both nationally and internationally are judged against, as its influences extends far beyond its tourist pull. The franchise figures prominently in structuring a mass culture that foreigners revere, thereby causing other countries to fear that the world has become far too Americanized.
The Disney theme park experience is unique in various ways, as the parks are constructed to insulate the park and those visiting it from the outside world. The success and appeal of the Disney franchise cannot solely be attributed to its pandering to infantile desires and fantasies but also to its business savvy in reaching a broad, diverse audience. Indeed, Disneyland is a dream destination that every child dreams of going to, as they yearn to immerse themselves the world of Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, and Pluto. The appeal of these parks is that generations of families have grown up watching Disney movies and programs, thereby fomenting an environment in which visitors feel as though they have come to a place that is all too familiar. The Disney amusement park at Hong Kong is comparatively smaller than the others and has appropriated some the most famous Chinese and Japanese Cartoon characters including “Hello Kitty” and Mickey Mouse at the entrance to welcome the guests while donning traditional Chinese attire. As such, Disneyland has emerged as a destination where the entire family can spend and enjoy their vacations together, which accounts for the bulk of the franchise's profits. Disneyland parks and resorts have a plethora of entertaining options including rides that kids love named after their favourite Disney character or show, storytelling theatres, thrill rides for adults, and the opportunity to meet and greet well-known Disney characters including Snow White, Sleeping Beauty and Mickey Mouse. Theme parks in the United State as well as in the parks abroad hire employees who speak a vast array of languages, including Mandarin, Spanish, English, and Cantonese. As such, this feeling of familiarity and use of different language foments an environment in which visitors enjoy and feel comfortable in.
Disney theme parks are thus constructed to retain a sense of fluidity and permanence. These parks provide for its visitors a glimpse into what the rest of the world looks like, rendering them cultural conduits to understand how America stands in relation to the rest of the world. Jungles, deserts, and other locations that visitors would never imagined going to are on full display. AS such, visitors can see these strange land without having to pay or put their lives in danger, always having the option to return home at any given time. Foreigners are depicted in a hyperbolic fashion and as wholly exotic. Through such iconography and modes of display, Disney architects and designers reinforce dominant ideas and images not only about the country in which the theme park is located but also notions about the rest of the world, especially America's elevated status. America is unquestionably the best and attracts all of the smartest and the best professionals and attractions there. Thus, Disneyland has instilled the feelings, impulses, and essence of world travel at the local level and ina very convenient manner.
Although the popularity of the parks ensure that there will be a steady flow of visitors, overcrowding has forced the franchise to elevate the prices in order too alleviate the density of theme park visitors. The ticket to a Disney land park costs around $99 for an adult and $ 93 for a child for one day at the Disneyland Park in California. There are special packages that combine different ride options along with food coupons. For regular visitors there are annual passes as well that give heavy discounts to members. The ticket is valid for the entire day and for all rides; there are no separate payments for rides. With marvellous fountains, ice cream joints and decorated sideways it seems as if one has entered a fairytale book. For those who would like to sit and relax, Disneyland also has many options. One can paint in a silent corner and put the painting for the visitors to see. A music lover will find different instruments to play at every halt. So basically there is something for everyone at Disneyland parks. Parks are situated far away from the cities so they have special Disney trains for the tourists. The train gives the feel of the actual place with Mickey ear shaped windows and brightly coloured seats. The Disney Parks also have Resorts near the Park area for visitors who usually take a weekly package. These Resorts are luxury hotels with amazing rooms especially designed for kids to make their stay a memorable one. It’s better to put up in these resorts as the distance issue is sorted and a person can easily visit the resort daily with kids.
Although shops at Disneyland offer great quality stuff but they are quite expensive. It has often been debated by the tourists and parents who give in to their kids demands. A dress from the Disney outlet may cost anywhere from $ 90 to $ 93; this is huge as it is about the same cost as a day’s ticket to Disneyland. Visitors are a bit apprehensive about the food and shopping expenses at Disneyland. And definitely they are not included in the ticket price. Counter argument “There is no doubt that Disneyland takes a person to a different enchanting world but the cost of enjoying certainly makes a hole in the pocket.” The pricing of food and commodities sold in the shops is an issue that has been researched by many tourists. According to some of them they can buy same things from the local market of the particular country at a much lesser price. Paying $ 40 for a tiny sipper is certainly a waste of money for most. Disneyland is certainly one of the most happiest and expensive places of the world. Despite paying the enormous amount the visitors have to wait for hours to get on to their favourite ride. The native people actually avoid going to the Disney parks as they are overcrowded and there is no fun in waiting for rides. They have better options in local parks where they spend about $ 4 per head and enjoy.
There are many opinions about the Disney parks but for sure it is one of the “happiest places” on earth. It offers unlimited fun; a place that the entire family can visit and it keeps all members engaged for the entire day. The closing ceremony of the Palace in Disneyland is famous for its light and firework show. It takes the visitor back into the story world with enchanting music and the crackers leave the spectator spell bound.
The popularity of Disney is increasing with many visitors repeating their visits to the park; the only threat is the rising tickets costs, the expensive food and costly merchandise sold in the park. Nonetheless, it is clear that the theme park has emerged as a quintessential element of the modern world, especially in the United States. Disney deftly captured the imagination of people throughout the world, which is why it is recognized as the front-runner of the theme parks and continues to function as the yardstick by which family entertainment and mass leisure must measure up against.

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