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Published: 2021-06-18 07:09:36
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The world today continues to suffer the consequences of environmental pollution. Many people are increasingly becoming conscious about the environment to the extent that they only want to conform to the elements that promote environmental wellbeing. Vehicles are a major cause of environmental degradation. The fumes produced and emitted to the atmosphere by vehicles deplete the Ozone, bringing about the greenhouse effect. Hybrid cars are an option in trying to deal with the problems of environmental degradation. Simply put, hybrid cars use two sources of energy to ensure motion (Anderson, 2010). The two commonly used sources of energy are motors and electricity. Hybrid vehicles have immense advantages. They do not use the other sources of energy that are known to deplete the environment. Energy materials that can be charged power the hybrid cars. This in essence helps in energy conservation. Consequently, the hybrid cars do not use the mainstream energy source like petrol that is known for high voltage fumes that deplete the environment (Anderson, 2010).
Even though there are benefits of the hybrid cars, there are certain downsides that are synonymous with the vehicles. Case in point is that he cost of setting the energy sources in the cars is relatively expensive. This may not make it possible for other people to keep up with the maintenance of the energy used by the hybrid cars. Consequently, some of the hybrid cars depend on gasoline in totality (Hantula & Voege, 2010). In essence, it means that in the event that gasoline is scarce, most of the hybrid cars cannot get a life. The hybrid cars are not able to move with speed like the ones powered by gas. This is a challenge that hybrid cars are associated with. Moreover, the hybrid cars are of lightweight. The problem comes when a person originally used in vehicles powered by gas get to drive the hybrid cars. Some of them maybe thrown off balance and adaptation to the hybrid cars are a challenge.
Cost and benefit is one of the things people consider when buying vehicles. Even though the hybrid vehicles are expensive in so far as energy cost is concerned, gas powered vehicles should not be allowed to continue operating. Cars powered by gas have one problem in the sense that they produce fumes that deplete the environment. The effects of climate change are more expensive than changing a battery or maintaining an electric motor (Hantula & Voege, 2010). Hybrid cars should be given prominence. The manufacturers should be informed of the critical nature of the cars they manufacture and negotiated with to subsidize on the cost. Vehicles powered by bas should not be allowed to continue operating.
There are other sources of transportation that are critical to environmental conservation. One of such transportation modes includes the trains some of which use diesel that are environmentally friendly. Other trains are powered by electricity and this is critical to the extent to which they are friendly to the environment. Boats and canoes do not require any source of energy to be powered. Some ferries use diesel and this makes them environmentally friendly. Apart from electricity, there are other sources of energy that are appropriate for the environment. Solar energy, wind energy and biogas are some of the alternative sources of energy that are environmentally friendly (Johansson & Burnham, 2004). These sources of energy are not conventionally known, but in the era of climate change, they have gained much prominence.
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